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truckintube 10-31-2010 12:02 PM

well I tried few thing to fix that broken frame from left to right. I noticed something.

On the left(door side) is the common place that breaks. and I see pics and in frame, why leftside is moving lot more than rightside? is that causing the twist and cause the piece to break? so my last solution to this fix was,

1. on the frame side, added the little metal piece above the frame to seat so that it won't move.(it is between the seat and where frame bolts in)

2. spot weld that piece to the piece on the frame side (above moving parts which that break on bottom side)

3. weld back the original broken piece to where it broke off.
(mine welded few times so it's not clean... but it stays)

reason for 1 is to make that part stop moving. since right side doesn't have movements at all even though it's same physical parts(when I sit, right side doesn't move at all), I think that's causing the twists on the parts, then eventually breaks it.
I'll see how this will go now..

wildm001 11-06-2010 12:51 PM

I used my lincoln mig welder, removed the seat, pulled the seat cover up & out of the way, and was able to weld the break into the original position without further dissasembly. I reinforced it with additional metal from the innershield wire I used, it' s held up 8 months w/no problem. I had to secure the trim piece using a screw into a piece of plastic through the trim piece, hardly noticeable, this piece broke due to the movement while the seat was broken.

I have ordered 2 switches to add the front & rear lift w/add-on wiring since the motors are there already, as well as added carbon fiber heated seat kits to the D/Side-I enjoy my Murano.

Murano05slcvc 02-13-2011 01:54 PM

Wiring Diagram
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the driver's seat automatic positioner. My seat was taken out to repair the broken bracket and in the process the wiring was snatched out of the harness. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 2005 Murano SL

Smilendude 04-21-2011 05:49 PM

I have a 2003 Nissan Murano. I purchased it new, bought the original 5 year warranty and the extended drive train warranty, every one offered to me by Nissan. I have had the car serviced exactly as called for. It now has 86K. The FRAME of the drivers seat has broken, which allows the seat to rock back and forth, partially strangling the driver with the seatbelt. This is not metal fatigue, this is a break in the frame where there is a weld. I have discovered that others are having this problem as well. THIS AND MANY OTHER FORUMS) Nissan wants $ 900 for the part, and two hours labor! (As many in this forum have reported) I contacted Nissan and asked them to help with the repair, since this is clearly a manufacturing defect. (Neither I nor my wife are huge people, we are normal size and have done nothing to this seat to justify this, as well I have heard of others with the same issue.) William Crockette, a Regional Specialist for the west (But he is in Tennessee???) refused to offer any assistance at all for the repair. Nissan is clearly showing a lack of desire to stand behind their product, and is ignoring a safety issue. When the entire rear corner of the seat suddenly pitched violently rearward and the seatbelt wrapped around my neck as I was trying to negotiate traffic, it clearly became SAFETY RELATED!!!!! I am left trying to find over $ 1500 to repair a car that can not be SAFELY driven. Oh, it took several calls over two weeks to Nissan to even get this response. Meanwhile, I am stuck without a car that I have carefully maintained. It is even more shocking to me to see posts to this site recommending a weld as a repair. Not that I blame those people for fixing it themselves, but it is shocking beyond pale that Nissan would know of this going on (it seems clearly public) and not simply recall the seat. This experience will deter me from ever buying another Nissan product. Anyone who would like to consider forming a class action please email me at

womb8t 06-24-2011 10:59 PM

My drivers seat failed today, at speed, while cornering. Lucky I didn't lose control, as the seat suddenly dropped to the left.
Now, it sags to the left constantly. Had a feel around and it appears the rail across the back has sheared off.

My MO is 2nd hand from a Nissan dealer, with warranty (which doesn't cover seats).

Has anyone else in Australia experienced this issue, and had any joy with a Dealer? I haven't spoken to mine yet.

2005 Murano Ti

aj1818 07-18-2011 03:50 PM

Seat issues
I had the same issue as everyone here. I was quoted $1300 to fix the seat. Needless to say, I did not pay that for a vehicle that is only 3 years old. I called my dealer who gave me the 800 number. They transferred me to a regional person that told me that there was nothing she can do for me. I then received a survey on how they handled my request. I was not nice in any of my comments. I received a call 3 days later. They are fixing my seat today for free. You just have to find the right person and do not take no for an answer.

tankfrank 01-08-2013 08:12 PM

Murano seat fix
My 05 Murano right rear seat Lifter Link bracket broke about a year ago. Dealer told me it was $1000 or more fix. Since I am the only driver I simply put a piece of wood under the broken Lifter Link bracket and drove on. I am very tall so my seat stays all the way back and down. I started reading posts and did some research and have replaced the broken Lifter Link Assembly with a new design Nissan #87473-CA01A that I purchased online from (NISSAN of McKinney TX) at a cost of $91.22 plus $9.95 freight. Replacement of the bracket took about two hours time. It is substantially beefier than the original. Go to and search for Nissan Seat Fix to see photo’s of the new Assembly.

Before you start I recommend putting the seat all the way up and inspecting the front bracket to see if the front bracket is cracked but not full broken and carefully inspect the white gear on the end of the worm drive located inside the right side of the drivers seat bracket. This gear is also a problem and the subject of many posts. My seat moved fine with no one in the seat but when I removed the seat to repair the bracket I noted the gear was cracked. Nissan sells the complete drive assembly but not the gear itself. The gear is available from an injection molding company at for $69.00. They also have an excellent three page instruction manual on their website. This is easily done while the seat is out but I did manage to replace mine later with the seat reinstalled and all the way up.

Nissan Service Bulletin NTB05-043d provides detailed instructions to replace the seat front lifter, rear lifter Assembly and the Lift motor assemblies. The Rear Lifter Assembly part number on the bulletin has been superseded by 87473-CA01A. The first nine pages of the bulletin are downloadable free online at These plus a little common sense will get you through the replacement of the right rear Lifter Link Assembly.

For the complete 30 pages of the Bulletin Go to, select Service Bulletins then keyword filter = seat. This will bring up NISSAN Bulletin NTB05-043d. Join the service for $12.95 and you can down load the complete bulletin

dollykaner 04-09-2013 10:50 AM

2nd time seat bracket broken
So for the second time in 24,000 miles my seat bracket has broken. Same place left rear of driver seat. Had it replaced on my 2005 MO in february of 2010. Now at 66,100 breaks again!!! called Nissan Consumer affairs who says that an authorized nissan repair facility must estimate and determine if it is a manufacture defect and if so that Nissan will pick up the cost. But as I am sure you are guessing no one will say if it is a defect or not. "hard to say" says the dealer. Cost to replace $1620!!!! I looked up the cost for the part at online stores for this seat issue and the msrp is $1062 however the dealer wants to charge me 1208. Are you kidding me. Online i can get the part delivered for $860. So very very frustrated!!!:cursin: Needless to say i am beyond angry. I am contacting the BBB, NTHSA, and the local news stations.

We MO owners should not have to go through this. I am going to get away from NISSAN all together. It has been a horrible experience! Not only going through this but also having major issues with my Hubby's 2005 Altima stalling out and replaced 8 yes 8 Cam Shaft Sensors in the last 8 months. 6 of which have happened in the last 3 weeks and now it is stalling everyday while driving. Can we say poor product!!! UGGHH.

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