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Current MO TSB's listed on Nissan Website

After downloading my manuals I found all of the current TSB's for the MO.
I created the table below with the headings of the TSB's. If you need a
copy of the TSB, you will need to go the Nissan Site to download the details.

But as I was saving each of the TSB's I was noticing that some of the
complain's thread had a TSB on them.

--> Nissan Page DISCLAIMER <--
Technical Service Bulletins
In order to view the full TSB as an Adobe .pdf document, you'll need to have a current online viewing subscription.
Purchase Viewing Subscription

Technical service bulletins (TSBs) are issued by NISSAN to assist technicians with diagnosis and repair. TSBs address specific concerns or conditions such as rough idles, noises and rattles. These specific concerns can be the result of customer or repair shop feedback. The TSB for a specific concern or condition will provide an up-to-date engineering-approved vehicle modification, repair procedure or service part.
SB 1988 & Later Nissan Vehicles; Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Cleaning
SB 2003 Murano; Special Transmission Fluid Requirement
SB 2003 Murano; Clicking Noise from A/T Shift Control When Shifting
CP 2003 Murano; Shift Position Indicator Recall Campaign
SB 2003 - 2004 Murano; MIL ON with DTC P0710 CVT Fluid Temperature Sensor Ci
SB 2003 Murano; DTC P0725 / P1722 Engine Speed Signal / ESTM Vehicle Speed S
SB 2005 Murano; No Movement in "D" or "R" and DTCs P0746/P0720 Stored
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Lack Of Power On Take Off With DTC P0868 Stored In The

SB Removal Of Paint Guard Film Adhesive Residue

SB Nissan; Brake Noise/Judder/Pedal Feel Diagnosis And Repair
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Rattle From Rear When Going Over Bumps
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Reduction Of Front Brake Noise When Braking In Reverse,
SB 2003 - 2004 Murano; Brake Judder From Front Brakes
SB Nissan; On-Car Brake Rotor Resurfacing

SB NISSAN; Removal Of Envir. Iron Particle from Paint and Spray -On Bedliner
SB Nissan; 2003 Model Refinish Paint Codes
SB 2003 Murano; Rear Cup Holder Arm Broken
SB 2003 Murano; Center Console Lid Hard to Close
SB 2003 Murano; Driver's Side Left Foot Plastic Protector Falls Off
SB 2003 - 2005 Murano; Sunvisor Support Clip Loose and/or Rattles
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Noise From Door Window Area
SB 2003 Murano; Pop or Tick Noise From Front Door Window Glass
SB 2003-04 Murano; Ticking Noise From Front Door Panels.
SB 2003-2004 Murano; License Plate Insert Nuts Spin Or Are Loose
SB Nissan; Window Regulator / Motor Service
SB All Season Rubber Winter Floor Mat Installation
SB 2003-2005 Murano; Drivers Seat Noise and /or Rocks Back and Forth
SB 03-06 Murano; Coin Holder Lid & Cell Phone Holder Lid Won't Open/Close Pr
SB 2004-2005 Murano; Front Door Finisher Door Pocket Loose, Won't Open/Close
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Front Door Is Locked Inadvertently -Upon Exiting Vehicl
SB 2003-2005 Murano; Cup Holder Lid-Imporper Operation
SB 2003 - 2004 Murano; Driver Seat Lumbar Support No or Improper Operation
SB 2003-2005 Murano; Console Box Lid-Spring (Creak) Noise
SB 2003 - 2005 Murano; Outside Mirror Inoperative

SB ECM Reprogramming for Nissan Vehicles
SB Nissan; ECM Replacement Procedures
SB 2003 350Z & Murano; Engine Won't Start, Key Fob Inop. After BCM Replaceme
SB MIL 'ON' DTC P0442 ( EVAP Small Leak) and/or DTC P0456 (EVAP Very Small
SB 2003 Murano With AWD; Dynamometer Testing
CP Nissan; Engine Sensors Recall Campaign
SB 2004 Murano; MIL ON with DTC P1031, P1051, P1148, P1168 A/F Sensor Heater
SB 'Nissan'; Must Clear Self Learning After Repairing DTC P01273/P1274/P1283
SB Nissan; Procedure to Complete IAVL When Idle Speed Needs to be Reduced
SB Nissan; Airflow Meter Service
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Hard Start/Idle Spd is Low After Battery Disconnection
SB MIL "ON" With DTC U1000 or U1010 Stored in the Engine Control Unit

SB 2003-2004 350Z & Murano; Low Tire Pressure Monitor System
SB Murano & 350z; Engine Will Not Start, NVIS/NATS System Discription / Key
SB Nissan; Windshield Wiper Protective Shipping Covers
SB Nissan; Tire Pressure Monitor System Warning Light Flashes or Stays 'ON'
SB 2003 Murano; Interior Lights(Map, Doors, Dome) Don't Operate
SB Nissan; Engine Won't Start, NATS System Description / Key Registration
SB '03 Murano; All Doors Lock/Unlock and/or Front Windows Roll Down Intermit
SB Nissan Navigation System Map DVD Application Chart
SB Nissan; Navigation System Stuck On 'Please Wait' Screen
SB 2003 Murano; Poor AM / FM Radio Reception
SB Nissan; Headlamp Fogging
SB 2003-04 Murano; Sunroof Inoperative
SB 2003-2004 Murano; No Sound From Audio System and CD Won't Load or Eject
SB Nissan; Remote Keyless Entry Replacement Parts
SB Nissan; Navigation System is Inoperative
SB Nissan; Engine Will Not Crank With Outside Temperature Below 10 Degrees F
SB Nissan; Accessory Installed Satellite Radio Diagnostic Information
SB 2003-2005 Murano; Revised Alternator Removal and Installation Procedure
SB 2005 Murano; Intelligent Key, NATS Key, and Steering Lock Unit Registrati
CP 2003-05 Murano; Alternator Recall Campaign
SB Nissan; Factory Installed Auto Dimming Mirror and Compass Service Informa
SB Nissan; Navigaton System DVD Map Disc Information
SB 2003-2006 Murano; Switches Pushed Into Center Console Finisher Or Instrum
SB Nissan; Starting/Charging System Tester
SB Battery Testing: Nissan Original Equip. & Genuine Nissan Replacement
SB Nissan; Integrated HomeLink Transmitter

SB Nissan; Caution During Engine or Transmission Replacement
SB Nissan; Radiator Cap Inspection During Coolant System Service
SB VQ30 and VQ35; Engine OiI Cooler Gasket Available

CP Voluntary Recall Campaign Fuel Tank Protectors
CP 2005 Murano; Fuel Tank Replacement Voluntary Recall Campaign

SB 2003 Murano; New Vehicle Information / Service Hints
SB Nissan; Customer Diagnostic Worksheet Now Available
SB Flat Towing of Nissan Vehicles

SB 2003-2005 Murano; Charcoal Filter Available

SB Nissan; Cold Weather Starting Tips

SB 2003 Murano; Metallic Knock/Clunk Noise Over Bumps

SB All Nissan Vehicles; "D" Ring Residue Can Cause Slow Seat Belt Retraction
SB 03 Murano; Air Bag Light ON W/DTC Stored LH And/Or RH Curtain Module VB O
CP 2003-05 Murano; Second-Row Seat Belt Cover Voluntary Recall Campaign
SB Nissan; Front Seat Belt Latch Plate Retaining Button Missing

SB 2003-2004 Murano; Steering Noise and/or Steering Wheel Alignment Changes

SB Nissan; CONSULT-II NATS Software Update #4 (AEN04A-1)
SB Nissan; CONSULT-II Repair Procedures
SB Essential Tool: Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit J-44321
SB Nissan; Essential Tool; CONSULT-II Converter and Cable Set J-44200-CC
SB Essential Tool: Tire Pressure Monitor System Initialization
SB Nissan: Essential Tool; J-45741 ABS Active Wheel Sensor Checker
SB 2003-04 Murano; Essential Tool: J-46211 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench
SB 2003 Murano; J-46213 Rear Cover Wrench
SB 2003-2004 Murano; Essential Tool: J-46528 Drive Plate Location Guide
SB Nissan; CONSULT-II Diagnostic Software Update #17 (UED05C)
SB Nissan; Essential Tool: J-46534 Plastic Trim Tool Set
SB Nissan; Essen Tool: Flame-Less Heat Gun J-46538/Solder Connectors J-47003
SB Nissan; Essential Tool: Engine Coolant Refractometer J-23688
SB Nissan; CONSULT-II ECU Reprogramming Software Update #6 (AER05A)
SB 2003-04 Murano; Essential Tool: J-47005 Seal Installer
SB Nissan; Essential Tool Brake And Clutch Pedal Height Measurement Tool
SB Nissan; Essential Tool: J-44626 Air Fuel Sensor Socket
SB Nissan; Essential Tool: J-47128 VQ Engine Rear Main Seal Installer
SB Nissan; Essential Tool: J-47242 Engine Support Table
SB Nissan; Essential Tool: J-37228 Seal Cutter
SB Nissan; CONSULT-II Converter Upgrade Kit Installation Instructions
SB Nissan; CONSULT-II CONVERTER Software Update (Version 17)
SB 2003-05 Murano; Essential Tool: J-47244 L/H CVT Seal Installer

SB 2003-2004 Murano; AWD Transfer Case Noise with Damaged Gears and/or Crack

SB Nissan; Tire Rotation And Diagnosis Of The Low Tire Pressure Warning Syst
SB Nissan; Vehicle Wheel Alignment
SB Nissan; Low Tire Pressure Warning System (LTPWS) Technical Information
SB Nissan; Information on Paint Stains Caused by Tire Dressing

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Nice job! This should be made a "sticky" and updated on a regular basis.

Thanx again.


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Sticky it is......

cannot believe the number of TSB's.............

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Yup good sticky just moved it to problems. Many people come here only when they have a problem so hopefully they will see this first.
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Hi, I am looking for the complete TSB No. NTB05084 can anybody help?


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Originally posted by rikardo_solo
Hi, I am looking for the complete TSB No. NTB05084 can anybody help?
Welcome to the forum!


Check out the following site:

All TSBs and recalls are listed on that site.


2005 SL AWD, Platinum (Retired)
-OEM HID conversion & HID fogs
-OEM iPod interface
-Upgraded (non-Bose) speakers - Pioneer TS-A1702C & TS-G1643R
-Muth signal mirrors
-Valley Industries hitch and wiring harness
-Aluminum fuel tank shields
-Air Helper Springs

Replaced with 2013 BMW x5d and 1973 MGB
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r the TSBs just helpful hints how to fix problems or r they covered like a recall??
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Here is what a TSB actually is:

Technical Service Bulletins, or TSBs, are recommended procedures for repairing vehicles. Not to be confused with recalls, a TSB is issued by a vehicle manufacturer when there are several occurrences of an unanticipated problem. TSBs can range from vehicle-specific to covering entire product lines and break down the specified repair into a step-by-step process. While sometimes written by engineers employed by OEM's, the majority are authored by the first automotive technician to come up with a repair procedure. Because certain problems may have more than one cause or there are sometimes more than one way to fix a problem, it's somewhat common for there to be more than one TSB for the same problem.

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