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Originally Posted by jwa95ta View Post
Checked my TC oil this weekend as I suspect I have a leak. This writeup was really helpful, but I had the hardest time finding the bolt to where I fill the TC oil, and check it.

I finally found it, and it appears someone has replaced my bold from a 12mm to just one you can put a 1/2" drive socket wrench in without a socket and remove it.

Considering I have had seals replaced before, and the engine replaced, maybe someone stripped the 12mm and found that as a replacement. Lots easier IMHO.

Anyways, looks like the seals are leaking , and of course this is out of warranty, just wondering what the going rate/price is to have the TC seals replaced? It appears there would be lots of labor involved.


Im in Canada, and I got quoted $2500 from the Dealership and $1700 from a local mechanic. I think they said 15H labour?

Ive got a slow leak too, but not very much, so I just have the mechanic check and top up the TC fluid during oil changes, I will eventually have it fixed but I figure keeping an eye on it and topping it up should keep it going until I can afford to fix it.
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I just did the Transfer Case and Rear Diff this weekend and can provide some tips on those fill bolts.

The TC fill bolt is a challenge to get to. I used a Craftsman dogbone wrench to loosen it and a stubby ratcheting flex wrench (flex to fit in there better) to unscrew it the rest of the way. Craftsman has a ratcheting dogbone, but it doesn't have 12mm on it. The dogbone wrench loosened the fill bolt very easily as it's a 6 point wrench with a lot of meat to it. It didn't require any liquid wrench.

For the fill bolt on the rear differential, there's a hole in the frame that you can insert your socket through. Doing so with a short socket extension, it was very easy to undo that bolt.

Hope this helps anyone having trouble with the TC or Diff.
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I used the 12 mm offset box wrench to remove the fill plug on my transfer case. I bought the set above from harbor freight. I also occasionally used a regular 8" long 12mm wrench. It was tedious but it worked. I believe a ratcheting box wrench would work also.

I used a vacuum pump seen below to fill the tranfer case with gear oil. Just slowly pump it in until it starts overflowing. I bought the one seen below from harbor freight for $15

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just got done replacing transfer case in a 03 murano (not as bad as I thought).after test driving I wanted to re-check t-case fluid and found it was very tight access,I removed the exhaust heat shield(2 small bolts)and it helped a ton.
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fill plug for the rear diff

I am surprised no one mentioned having any trouble getting to the fill plug for the rear diff. I was trying to change the fluid for my 07SL / 87K for the first time, and find out that the fill plug has small clearance. My No10 allen key will not fit. What tool do you use to get to it? - Thanks.
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