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Help Rearview Camera not working

So ok I have a 2010 Nissan Murano LE and the backup camera stopped working, it actually stopped working one day in late December when we had a cold snap and temp dropped below negative temperatures and it started working again the next day out of the blue, then it worked fine for a few weeks again and then stopped working again and hasn't started working again since and it's been about two or three weeks now since it stopped working this last time.

I've thought about replacing it with an aftermarket camera but I'd need to splice into the factory wiring, I used the factory diagnostic method menu or maintenance menu but the only thing it showed was a communication error #2 or something like that? I'm sure other then the power and ground it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out the signal and sync wires since there's only two and reversing them wouldn't be harmful (unless you reverse the power and ground wires) but were just talking about the video signal wires, anyway anyone know what might be causing the camera not to come on? It seems like a solid state camera like these shouldn't go out that easy after only a few years but you never know? Anyway like I said it worked fine and then stopped working and then started again for a while and then went out a second time and hasn't came back since and I think the cold was just coincidental because it's warmed up a lot since then and the camera hasn't came back on yet, I did take everything apart to see if the wiring was loose or corroded or anything but it's all very good, I also checked the camera itself and the wiring but nothing looks bad or anything with the wiring and the camera, i checked fuses and stuff, someone on YouTube stated a relay caused his camera to stop working and when he replaced it the camera started working again, but he didn't mention the part number and threw the box away so he dooesnt know the part number now, he also said the relay was by the under dash fuse box but I don't see one on my Murano and don't know where else the relay might be or which one to try and replace so that's kind of along shot trying to replace relays not knowing which one to replace, I thought maybe the trailer tow harness for powering the lights on a trailer might have been causing the problem but doesn't appear to be causing the problem because uninstalled the harness and put the factory wiring back as original, also thought the rear seat entertainment system might have been causing the problem but doesn't seem like it would? Anyway anyone that can help please let me know what else could cause this problem? Oh also my backup lights do come on so it's just the camera that's not working, I don't know if it's not getting the power signal to turn it on from the reverse lamps? Or if it is getting powered up if it's sending a video signal to the screen? I guess I can use my meter tomorrow and see if the power is getting to the camera, but I don't know how to test for video signal with a meter? It's ridiculous how much they want for just the camera itself, $400.00 to $700.00 just for the camera and that's ridiculous I mean really? It's a $100.00 camera at the most, anyway please Help if you can

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