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jaak 09-07-2004 06:31 PM

Nissan's IVCS
While browsing through the Service Manual, I was looking at the diagnostics section.

This is where the Murano tips us off to it's Sattelite receiver capability and got me looking into that, back in Feb 2002.

Well there's two other items, external changer, which is missing the parts to allow it to work and IVCS.

What's IVCS?

Well the first thing that came up in a Google search on "Nissan's IVCS" is off the Motorola web site...


Motorola Technology Powers Infiniti's In-Vehicle Communications System
Vehicle option offers emergency and roadside assistance, air-bag deployment notification, car-theft notification and remote door unlocking.

Northbrook, Ill. -- Motorola (NYSE:MOT) announced today it has teamed up with Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. to introduce the Infiniti Communicator, an in-vehicle communications system (IVCS) available in 1998.5 Infiniti Q45 and I30 luxury sedans, beginning in March. The system merges wireless communication and global-positioning satellite technologies to offer drivers 24-hour emergency and roadside assistance, air-bag deployment notification, stolen-vehicle notification and remote door unlocking via the Infiniti Response Center (IRC).

The Infiniti Communicator integrates Motorola's in-vehicle Global Positioning System(GPS) and cellular technologies, and telematics communications intelligence. Its interface consists of an overhead console with two buttons on either side of amicrophone. Volume and cellular-phone controls are located at the left of the vehicle's steering wheel.

The system connects with the IRC using the local area's cellular network. The system then transmits GPS-derived location data to the IRC, and establishes voice contact between the vehicle's occupant and the IRC operator, forming a vital linkup for a number of driver services, including:

Emergency Assistance - In an emergency situation, the IRC notifies local emergency services upon driver request, when no voice contact is made, or when a wrong password is submitted.

Air Bag Deployment Notification - If the vehicle's airbag deploys, the Communicator automatically attempts to notify the IRC. The operator attempts voice contact and can notify an emergency crew with the pinpointed location.

Roadside Assistance - In a non-emergency situation, a vehicle occupant can request various roadside assistance services.

Remote Door Unlock - In the event of a lockout, a driver can request remote door unlocking by calling a toll-free number and submitting a password.

Vehicle Security System Notification - If the vehicle's security system is triggered while armed, the Infiniti Communicator provides the IRC with the carÕs location and local authorities can be notified.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery - If the vehicle is stolen, the IRC can provide tracking information to the local authorities and can even covertly monitor vehicle occupant conversation to assist in apprehension.

"We are very pleased that Nissan has called upon Motorola's cellular and GPS technology and telematics expertise to ensure that Infiniti ownership is as safe and enjoyable as possible," said Robert Denaro, vice president and director, MotorolaÕs Telematics Information Systems (TIS) Business.

Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan Motor Corporation USA, is supported by a network of more than 145 retailers nationwide. Information about Infiniti products is available via the World Wide Web at

Motorola is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications, semiconductors and advanced electronic systems, components, and services. Major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, two-way radio, paging and data communications, personal communications, automotive, defense and space electronics and computers. Motorola semiconductors power communications devices, computers and millions of products. Motorola's 1997 sales were $29.8 billion in U.S. dollars
Interesting, this is already a few years old!

lnichols 09-07-2004 09:03 PM

When you go into the diagnostic mode on the Nav equipped Murano's is asks if you have a CD Changer, Satellite Radio, and IVCS. On the logical map is show this as being a "module" that would appear to communicate accross the NBUS. Would be nice to find out more but the article you found is all I can find too.

jaak 09-07-2004 10:11 PM

Well it did make it into the Q45 from what I've seen but it's also faded away, as I couldn't see anything about it on Nissan's websites, including

From what I saw in the service manual, I suspect it's on the CAN bus...

I'm intriqued that it doesn't seem to be used on the Infiniti's and more so that it even appears in the Murano's diagnostics.

Makes me wonder if it's coming back at some point?

zebelkhan 09-08-2004 01:04 AM

Is this something simillar to "onstar"?

jaak 09-08-2004 06:40 AM

As far as I can tell, it is...

There's a place for a DIN connector on the back of the radio, that's never been put in, as well as a lot of empty area to service it, on the radio's circuit board.

There's also an unused serial data connection.

The radio has a lot of capability designed in, but it's purposely not had the parts installed.

I expect it's basically the same radio for all the products and they adjust how much of it is actually built, for each model.

DJRobX 09-21-2004 12:19 PM

Makes me wonder if it's not possible to acquire more "populated" daughter boards from other vehicles ... :)

-- Rob

jaak 09-21-2004 06:37 PM

Yes, I've wondered that too...

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