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Laundry List of Issues

Bought a "Pre-owned Certified" 2007 Murano about 1.5 years ago. It had 36k on it. Between 36 and 60k, here's what went wrong...

1. Leaking power steering hose. Fixed by dealer since it happened 2 weeks into us owning the car.

2. Blown rear shock. (Caused fishtailing, bouncing around, that some on this board have experienced. No visible leaking shock fluid, but new shocks solved the problem). out of pocket

3. Front Tie-Rod End out of pocket

4. Leaking Oil Pan--fixed under warranty

5. Leak from front CVT fixed under warranty

6. Front lower control arms--bad bushings. ---Not yet replaced.

7. Seriously considering selling the damn thing or trading it in. If all of this happened between 36 and 60, god knows what will happen between 60 and 100k. Pre Owned Certified is such BS.
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Originally Posted by paul40269 View Post
Pre Owned Certified is such BS.
I'd love to meet the leisure-suit-wearing used-car salesman who first coined the phrase "Pre Owned". He single-handedly transformed the used car industry. Instead of buying a used car the unsuspecting public could now purchase a pre-owned car. It sounded so much better. It is not really used, it is just pre owned. What a bunch of malarkey.

Then the marketing gurus came up with the "Certified" qualifier. Somehow you are suppose to believe that a certified car has been torn down, inspected and all questionable parts replaced. This certification process is carried out by the very same people who sometimes deliver your new car with 60psi in the tires even though the pre-delivery checklist was completed.

"Certified Pre-Owned" is nothing more than a marketing gimmick coined to assist in the sale of used cars. Unless the certification comes with a warranty it is essentially useless.

Rant over.


2005 SL AWD, Platinum (Retired)
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-OEM HID conversion & HID fogs
-OEM iPod interface
-Upgraded (non-Bose) speakers - Pioneer TS-A1702C & TS-G1643R
-Muth signal mirrors
-Valley Industries hitch and wiring harness
-Aluminum fuel tank shields
-Air Helper Springs

Replaced with 2013 BMW x5d
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and 1973 MGB
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I have an 07 with 200K on it. I have had a few problems, but nothing like you have. Replacing front stuts was pain, and expensive. No real OEM parts out there. Sorry you are having issues. So far so good on my end.


2007 Murano S
200,000 miles
Stock everything.....I don't put extra $ into cars!
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Paul: I'm truly sorry you ran into so much trouble with a "certified" pre-owned vehicle. But you're right in some cases....really a lot of it depends upon the dealership and what sort of reputation they have and what sort of PR policy they have and want to maintain. Usually the problem exists between the SALES people and the SERVICE department. Salesmen do or say just about anything to get you to sign the contract. At that point, it's really incumbent upon YOU to go thru that car with the salesman and make him show you the pre-owned certified sheet that shows what was supposedly checked and then go thru all the lights, turn signals, radio, electronics etc. I did that with my 09 "certified" and asked them to give me the shop printout that shows what the mechanics checked and how many hours they charged to doing whatever checks they said they performed. Usually the dealships don't want to show you that sheet, because it contains the mechanic's assessment of things he noticed. Mine had the comment...possibly torn CV boot on left front. I made them change it out otherwise who would have crawled under there to see if the CV boot was torn? I also noticed that the sub-woofer was missing (someone took it and the car is the LE fully loaded wiht the upgraded Bose system). Also found that the iPod cable worked but didnt' charge the iPod and it would go dead....noted that. The service manager was really pissed because each department has its own service had to eat over $700 to correct things that might have gone unnoticed long enough that they could come back and say....Hey it worked when it left here, and after all, it IS A USED CAR so the bumper to bumper warranty (3/36) had expired. Tough have to eat it.

I ended up going to another dealership and told them I'd transfer all my maintenance to them and established some rapport and PR with the service manager. My good!! Two weeks later the up/down motor that moves the steering coluimn up and down broke, and it was NOT covered by the exteded warranty I bought...but the service manager "Good Willed" the fix and they ate $400....but now they have all my business.

Bottom line is that Certified Pre-Owned is semantics designed to get the car out of the image of being a "USED CAR"....and somehow infuse some class and reliability into it by virtue of using better sounding words. Let me add that all dealerships aren't like this, but they don't make money by eating labor and the best hedge you have against eating ongoing expenses (up to a point) is developing that rapport with the the service manager. He/she is allowed to use a certain amount of discretionary decisions about how much or if they'll cover the costs of the repair...or give you a discount. A good service manager can write up a problem in such a way that Nissan will file it under their fix-it category rather than decline the request. So much depends upon get in good stead with your service folks.

The difference between the two dealerships I dealt with was like night and day. Where I bought it they were BS'ers....where I ended up they were truly PR oriented and bent over backwards to ensure you left as a satisfied customer.

2009 Murano LE, white/tan, 48K miles; with all the amenities you can pack into this thing. Whoever had it first was obviously a doo-dad guy. Can't watch DVD movies because the headrest screens are facing backwards!!
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Great post. Very insightful. I have two dealers within 10 miles of my house and one is no better than the other. Service is always on the upsell, trying to make you buy service you probably don't need. You really can't trust them and I try to use a mom and pop shop as much as possible. If I ever buy "pre-owned certified" again, I will ask for that write-up.
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Did you pay to have someone do the work for you or did you do it yourself? Makes a huge difference. Having some of the issues you've faced isn't unusual. It would be nice to have a vehicle that absolutely no maintenance or failing parts. If you don't want to have the hassle of vehicle repairs, then don't own a car. Granted some vehicles will have more repairs required than others unfortunately. What's to say if you trade in your MO, the next car won't have the same or worse? There's associated risk with any vehicle purchase.

Since I've owned my MO, I've done the following:

Inner/outer tie rods on both sides.
Front struts.
Throttle body.
Spark plugs.
Firewall side valve cover.
Replaced front grille -- pealing chrome.
Front disks/pads.
Rear disks/pads.
Leaking drivers side CVT axle seal.

...and a few other personal projects that probably were not required.

Will be swapping out all fluids throughout in another 5K.

I picked up my MO with about 24K on it and it now has 105K. Doing the work yourself saves a TON of $$$.

After 142K miles, my MO is history. Now sporting a loaded silver 2012 Ford Edge Limited with 20" wheels.
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I recently bought an 07, AWD with 36k miles on it. One of the reasons I did was because consumer reports rates the Murano with a 36% better than average reliability. I hope they are right.
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I wouldn't feel to bad about all of those problems. I have a 2004 Murano SL AWD with just over 200k. I bought i brand new and so far I have had:

1. Engine motor mounts replaced ( under warranty)
2. Diff lock switch and t-case replaced (under warranty)
3. Cassette player crapped out (told that it could not be replaced)
4. Driver's seat heater stopped working even though it is rarely used.
5. Leather on the steering wheel is falling apart
6. Three T-cases replaced due a a burr on the shaft which kept destroying the gaskets.
7. Rear wheel bearings.
8. The body panels inside the engine bay beside the fire wall have rust coming from the seams and may be seperating.
9. This is the latest problem is my head gaskets are leaking and oil is getting into my coolant.

I wish vehicles were built like the way they used to be. I have a 1977 Chevy C20 truck with about 300k on it that my dad bought in 1977 and passed down to me, and it is still running and driving great.
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