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New Member Introductions

Introduce yourself here
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Vendor Solutions

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General Discussions

Anything Goes
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Discuss various problems you encounter with your Murano
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How does Murano compare to other SUVs?
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Post your pictures here
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Discuss detailing: washing, waxing, polishing, brands of cleaners, etc..
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Discuss accessories, their installation, where to purchase, etc.
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Tires & Wheels

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Group Buys

Discuss group buys on Murano accessories
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Maintenance information and discussions. Fluid changes, belts, etc.
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Audio & Electronics

Discussions on audio and other electronic accessories.
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Knowledge Base Resources

Only Admins and Mods can create NEW threads in this forum
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This if a contest where everyone chooses their favourite ride of the month each month.
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Your experience

Hepl future buyers by talking about your experience with particular dealers
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This space is for members interested in buying/selling anything related to the Murano. Please, no commercial advertising here. For information on advertising, please contact us
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Vendor Deals

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Homepage News

This section contains news articles related to the Nissan Murano. All site related news articles of importance will be posted here as well. Articles posted in this section appear on the front page. Only Administrators and Moderators may start new threads in this area.
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  1. I own a 2017 Murano Platinum - purchased brand new. Today found water leak on both sides of the car hatch and accumulated 2+ inches in the tire well where the spare tire is kept. This is ridiculous. This has never happened until now. We encountered our first heavy rain last night. Live in...
  2. 3rd Gen (2015+)
    I recently ordered and picked up an OEM tow hitch receiver for my '16 Murano. When I opened the box, I noticed right away it was a 1.25" receiver versus a 2". I asked the dealer if there was any other part number that would be a 2". The part listing he brought up didn't show anything. I know...
  3. 3rd Gen (2015+)
    Any idea how often we should be changing the serpentine belt? Aside from no obvious cracks or damage, is there a general rule of thumb for when it should be changed for preventative measures? Just wondering since it was recommended I change it on my car, but I dont see any cracks or damage...
  4. Hello all, I just got my new android head unit that I purchased from Ali Express, I install it and my initial impression are wow!!!! So much better than the stock head unit. The sound clarity and level is like day and night when compared to the stock head unit. It brought out loud bass and...
  5. hey i drive a 04/05 and recently, like today, it started making loud horrible noise when i drive slow, and i hear a whistling noise when i drive fast. what does this mean
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