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tefunk 01-19-2003 10:21 PM

My recommendation for Bay Area CA people
I just bought my Murano on Saturday and I'd like to post my experience buying it so people in the Bay Area know a good place to start looking.

I had gotten a pretty good price quote on the phone from one dealer an hour away but I wanted to go to a closer one and see if they could match or beat the quote. So on Thursday I called the closer dealer to find out if they have the exact vehicle with options that I want. They tell me it is in their warehouse and that I could get it right away on the same visit. I was busy on Friday and couldn't go in and finalize the deal so I called them Friday night to make sure they still had the one I wanted in their warehouse. They said they did so I told them I would call them Saturday morning to let them know when I was coming in.

I call them Saturday morning to make sure they had it and the guy told me they did. So I got there in the morning and they made me wait as the manager got "in touch" with the warehouse to prepare it. Well the manager sure made me wait a really long time and finally they told me that the car was "sold." When they said that, I knew I had been had. First of all this is a very big national chain with many different makes of cars stored in a centralized warehouses. Second of all this company only has one Nissan dealership in the bay area CA and a couple in So Cal. I think it is highly unlikely that my car would get sold while I was driving there in the morning because the only places the car could have been sold to are the other dealerships in So Cal and I'm sure they have their own warehouses down there as well. I don't have complete proof but I'm feeling that they never had the car that I wanted and they were just making me go to their dealership. I know something fishy was goin on because while the manager was getting in touch with the warehouse the salesman subtly asked me why I didn't like the Murano in the showroom (it was not the color I wanted and had more options).

So after the manager says its sold he says he will try to dealer locate a matching Murano from a different dealer. So he makes me wait again for a really long time and finally says nope, we couldn't find one. So I tell him that I'm leaving to go buy from the other dealer that we knew had the matching Murano and he asks which dealer. So I tell him which dealer and he immediately tells me that that dealer had sold the one I wanted. So I'm thinking.... what bad luck! That other dealer had the car Friday night when I had called to verify and has just sold it this morning? But I decided to call the other dealer anyways to see if he still had it.

Sure enough that other dealer still had it on the lot so I just left and bought my car there. When I bought my car I was told that they had gotten 4 dealer requests for my car and that they turned them all down. I'm thinking that the first place I went to requested this vehicle and got denied because my specific Murano was limited in the area, which then prompted the manager to tell me that the other dealer had sold it when they obviously had not.

If you are in the Bay Area and need either a Nissan, Saab, or Volkswagen then I highly recommend Diritos Brothers of Walnut Creek. It's about an hour drive for me but it was definitely worth it because they are a high volume dealership that doesn't play games. I called Diritos Bros up on Thursday and talked to Lawrence-Christopher and he was able to see that the Murano I wanted was part of their allocation and coming in soon. Then he gave me a quote over the phone that was $1,000 over invoice. I was able to work the price down a little bit but $1,000 over invoice is already a good price compared to other dealers that were quoting me MSRP.

The first dealership I went to where I had the horrible experience is the Autonation Hayward Nissan. I didn't appreciate the runarounds I was getting and they wasted a lot of my time when I could have gone straight to the much better Diritos Bros in Walnut Creek.

My new Murano: Midnight Blue SL AWD with Premium, Sunroof, and Charcoal Leather.

Pics to come soon.

Taylormade 01-20-2003 07:48 AM

You may want to drive your new Murano in Autonation Hayward Nissan's lot and show the "manager" that the car he told you was sold is now yours. HAHAHAHAHA :twisted:

dubfly 01-20-2003 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by Taylormade
You may want to drive your new Murano in Autonation Hayward Nissan's lot and show the "manager" that the car he told you was sold is now yours. HAHAHAHAHA :twisted:

good one taylor... :lol:


thanks for the warning about hayward. i live in the southbay and we have roughly 4 dealerships in our area of the bay. however, i think i am going to go through my credit union and have them find mine. from what i'm told, credit unions get a better deal than the regular consumer. so, we'll see.

john_bayarea 01-22-2003 08:06 PM

Another good place in the bay area is Capital Nissan San Jose where I picked up my SL AWD last month. Nothing too special about them but they did a good job of keeping me up-to-date on which models were coming in.

Also, it didn't take too long for us to get off the MSRP price and get down to real negotiations. Little over a $1k above invoice after 1.5 hrs at the the dealership. I'm pretty happy w it.

dubfly 01-23-2003 01:08 PM

cool john...

i'll keep that in mind. i think my next test drive will be at that dealer ship since it's next to the infamous "dippy" highway 87 :lol: .

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