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Freedom55 05-28-2019 02:50 PM

Chevrolet Blazer
Another Murano competitor... IMHO, it looks better than the Honda Passport but it's quite pricey at least here north of the border. As people are switching from sedans to crossovers, there will be more coming in all sizes!

Pilgrim 05-28-2019 03:59 PM

Reviews on the Blazer's drivability and styling are good, but they also say the interior is cheap-looking. A number of the new GM products seem to suffer from cost-cutting on the interiors.

What was once a very capable off-road vehicle is now a crossover - sic transit original Blazer.

Robotaz 05-28-2019 05:00 PM

GM is notorious for cheap interiors. They need to hire the Mazda team and they’d sell the heck out of cars.

Blinky19 05-31-2019 09:59 PM

I really like the look of the new blazer Sat in one at the dealer Inside not bad but def could be nicer Gonna wait a year or two before seriously looking at buying one Never owned a Chevy but this SUV is really sharp looking

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