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smoothrunnings 05-12-2019 02:00 PM

2009 Steering fluid/flush.
I have had my 2009 since 2011 and now I am experiencing issues with my steering. It feels a bit limp at times when turning full, also when I slow down at high speed it feels a bit lose. The shop has only pointed out the lower control arms on the front rubber on the bushing has a small crack, I have seen it, taking a picture and shown it my brother who's a mechanic and gotten a second opinion which is they are still good.

Anyhow I suspect I need to flush out my steering fluid. I says in the 2009 manual to use Dexron VI type ATF, so the first question is how much I will need?, and is there any specific brand I should use in Canada (other than Nissan) that I can get a Canadian Tire or some other store? And should I avoid other brands?

Oh and looked at the reservoir on my 2009, the cap doesn't seem to simply twist off, do I need to pull it off while twisting? From the outside the fluid looks really dark.


surban1 05-12-2019 02:51 PM

ps system capacity is ~ 1-1/8 us quart. I just buy a single quart when I do mine but if I were in your shoes, i'd buy 2 or 3 and then do it once with 1+ quart and then drive around for a couple hundred miles and then do it again with what's leftover. I use Valvoline dexron vi full synthetic but would be ok with any dexron vi (especially synthetic) available. how many miles since the power steering fluid was last changed / how many total miles do you have on the vehicle?

smoothrunnings 05-13-2019 06:28 AM

I have 125xxx miles on my MO, and I its never been done since I have have owned it. I got it with 18,5xx miles on it.

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