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  • sonic45 ·
    Hey Assad,

    I was trying to look at the 2015/16 40 pin connector pinout you have posted but for some reason I get a "forbidden" message from any PC I try to use.

    Any chance you can send those to me?

    I have tried the Axxess and now the PAC steering wheel control, use the 2 pins they both say to use but neither acknowledge the steering wheel buttons.

    Oddly, the Axxess says to use the 2nd pins in each row and the PAC says to use the first in each.

    Thank you,

    0gravOMG ·

    I tried to PM you but I cannot until I get 15 posts. First, I wanted to say thanks for sharing so much info!

    I have a 2015 Murano SL w/Tech. Pkg.

    I am not skilled with audio install, but I want to replace the amp like you suggested. Should I just bring my car to a car audio shop? Or, is it pretty easy to replace the amp? I've read most of your posts on the topic, but it's still not clear to me if it's easy.

    Lastly, is there an amp you would suggest I buy?
    tse54re ·

    Hope you don't mind strange messages. Someone referred me to you about the sucky Bose system in my 2017 MO. They said that you had some interesting articles about what you have done to improve the sound. I can not find them.

    Would you send me the link or tell me what you did ?
    dellins ·
    Hi there,

    I thought i would ask you since it seems you have done tons of mods to your MO. I am installing a homelink mirror in my 2017 MO and am wondering about the accessory service connector. I plan on running the wire from the mirror to the connector and tapping into it while its out of the car, my question is do I have to disconnect the battery before plugging in the connector? or can I just plug it in?

    calypsodon ·
    Hey assad,
    I ordered a Android 10.2" Head unit from Seicane that came with a 20pin and 40pin wire harness for my '16 Murano SL w/Bose and Navigation. I tried connecting the harness but I get no power to the unit when connecting to the car. Did you have to make any alterations to your wire harness? I'd really appreciate your advice since you managed to get your head unit to work with your Murano.

    Thanks in advance
    Dmitry Kharlan ·
    I have a 2015 murano sv. I saw you that you have installed a custom head unit, can you comment on the picture quality of the backup camera because on the original head unit has horrible picture. Also could you suggest which unit should i get if i would be buying one now.
    Thanks in advance
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