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  • calypsodon ·
    Thanks for the response assad...

    I actually got the radio to power on after sending you the message when I retraced my steps. The only thing that I don't have working now is my backup camera. I would like to retain the one that is built-in but I can't get it to show a picture when I put the car in reverse.

    Did you come across this issue with your wire harness? Did you have to change any wires?
    assad ·

    You need to make sure that your antenna is connected because that's where the ground comes from.
    If you look at the wire diagram for your murano, you will noticed that there is no ground in either the 20 pin or 40 pin connector, the ground is actually coming from the antenna wire harness which is a grey 3 pin connector ( Shield / Ground / Signal).
    If you connected the antenna and still do not get power, then you will need to tap into the thick wire on the antenna connector and connect it to the ground on the 20 pin connector on Seicane.

    You can also let them know, they will be able to ship you a special connector for the antenna where the ground will be connected.

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