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  1. Useless

    General Discussions
    New format useless. I only want to see today's posts. Can't figure how to stand on my head to do it now!
  2. Oil Change opinion

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Diff & Transfer Case done! I don't recommend the TC change to anyone. It is just too difficult lying under the car. Gear oil does not taste good! You can only turn the fill plug 1/8 of a turn at a time. Interference with everything around it! Different from 1st gen, but every bit as bad.....
  3. Thinking about adding OEM NAV 2013 Bose

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    I know, when you attempt to change the radio, you have to rewire because the connectors on the NAV radio are different. Has anyone done this?
  4. Oil Change opinion

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Definitely was not low. Replaced the condenser last year, and topped it. Checked regularly (If the dipstick is to be believed).
  5. Oil Change opinion

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Well, I am Amzoiled! Did the oil, filter and ATF today. Used the largest Amsoil filter that would fit (EA15K20) and Signature 5W30 oil. Extractor was able to suck 3 1/2 qts of ATF out (no drain plug), so I refilled with Amsoil CVT and will do it again in a couple of months. Still have the...
  6. UK Owner - Comfort Settings Do Not Exist In Software

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Apparently, if you don't have NAV, you can't do it. Read your owners manual!
  7. UK Owner - Comfort Settings Do Not Exist In Software

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Cant speak for UK cars, but US models only have the Settings - Comfort on models that have Navigation
  8. Oil Change opinion

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    But you have a much lower mileage '18!
  9. Oil Change opinion

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Thank you!
  10. Oil Change opinion

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Bought this '13 17 months ago with 92000 miles. It was serviced by dealer then. Now has 96500 miles and I have not changed the oil. Oil consumption has been negligible, oil is relatively clean. I DO plan to go to Amsoil shortly. Does TIME mean anything? or is just mileage important?
  11. Starting in 2nd gear

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    My experience is that all Muranos in DRIVE start in a higher ratio (like second). The only way you can get the low ratio FIRST is in LO or 1 if you have the manual selector. You skeptics; if you don't believe me, try it....
  12. OEM HID on 2007 S Question

    1st Gen (2003-2007) They are adjustable. Left looks high. Sorry I tried to get a link to the manual, but it is impossible..
  13. icon unav afternakket nav

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Anyone install one?
  14. Hello from the mountains

    New Member Introductions
    High Point (1803 ft) is the highest point in NJ. No one lives there. That is what they consider a mountain back there.....
  15. Magellan 1700 build in

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    I am thinking of trying this on my'13 SL. A question: Does anyone know if the steering overlay on the backup camera display is on the composite or RGB feed?