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  • marhondahughes ·
    And I was able limp it to the bank. I got stuck at the bank. I got it to crank and moved from the parking spot I was in. It shut off and would crank but not long to move it again. I asked the one I bought it from to help figure out what was wrong with it and he thinks it might be the fuel pump. The fuel level sensor only works when put a full tank in. The cvt,check engine,air bag, and tire pressure lights are staying on. Please help
    marhondahughes ·
    Hi, I have a 2007 Nissan Murano that I've been a problem with and was hoping you or anyone else could help me with. Wednesday I filled the tank up with premium gas and put Berryman b-12 chemtool. Everything was fine all day. Thursday morning got up cranked it and it was fine. Before leaving town Thursday morning to go to Oklahoma City we stopped and topped it off with more gas only it was regular unleaded. Drove to Oklahoma City without a problem, even went to Walmart while in Oklahoma City and no problems. On our way back to Hugo we stopped again and topped it off again to make sure we had enough to get home on. Got back to Hugo it was fine I was even able to the kids to dollar general for a few things got back home without any problems. Now Friday I got up went to crank it. It would crank and then shut off. I thought maybe I was out of gas so I asked my mom to come get me so I could get at least $10 worth of gas to put in the tank. We came back to put the gas( premium) it cranked.
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