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  1. Cross Cab Convertible Top Repair

    If im understanding you regarding the roof closing with a lot of force..this is very common. I talked with the owner of a convertible top place that has replaced these tops many times suggested I grab the top as its closing to soften that impact which I continue to do. Not sure if that helps you...
  2. Class action suit needed...

    What parts are breaking on these tops?
  3. Class action suit needed...

    Can you share with me and everyone what part is not being covered? Also, did they say how this part could have broke other that a cheaply made part or poor design. thank you for your help.
  4. CrossCabriolet Top Frame/Motor Assembly For Sale

    I'm selling the entire Top Assembly, headliner, motor. I bought from Junk Yard off a crashed vehicle for the black canvas top. It is all in good condition. I know these are hard to come by. Brand new these are around $6 - $7K. I would like to get $2,500 OBO. We will have to figure out...
  5. Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Convertible Top for Sale

    Selling a good condition Convertible Top/Beige. Here is the link from Craigslist. $1400 obo. I can forward more pix/video upon requests.
  6. Class action suit needed...

    please keep us updated Just purchased a 2012 with the Nissan Gold extended warranty to cover me on the trouble issues of the top. Please keep us up to date on your experience. Thank you
  7. iPhone Bluetooth

    Audio & Electronics
    Just purchased 2012 CC...Is there something I can do to have my phone sound better for the listener. Had a Acura RDX and never had complaints about how I sound but now I get a consistent "you sound like static and not very clear". Any thoughts?
  8. Extended Warranty For New Cross Cabriolet

    Hope that's the one I just purchased from the Nissan Dealer..its the Nissan Security+Plus. I have 55k miles on the CrossCabriolet I just purchased so I decided on the 60month/60kmiles. I typically keep my vehicles "forever". Didn't save thousands..but was expected.
  9. Cross Cab Convertible Top Repair

    Any chance you can share more info on how to's to remove the top or any links / pics. Thank you for any help on that.
  10. Thinking of Purchasing a Crosscabriolet

    Just put down a deposit for a 2012 with 55k miles. Dealership i'm working with have been great with sending me pix, video's, etc. Once I receive car i'll bring to Nissan dealership to have inspected for the warranty to purchase. Not big on warranty's but I'm breaking the bank for the security...
  11. Thinking of Purchasing a Crosscabriolet

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and one that is looking to Purchase a Crosscabriolet. What i'm interested is getting some suggestions/feedback on good extended warranty's out there that I would be interested in purchasing to mainly cover the top and trans since these seem to be the area's I see...