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    Good Morning Kris, My Member iD name is PacoNissan1992 who's registered in the beginning of March, then April 15th upgraded membership to support the site, from 1st day I have had nothing but problems to access features of the site, despite the numerous times that I wrote to the Web Master site, trying to get an solution, still not answer at all.
    Don't know if every single new member has to go trh/this steps, before to became officially accepted to use NISSAN MURANO Org web site.
    So I had no other option, but to use this open link as a only option that ID as (USER NAME) hoping the Administrators from the different forums specially the new members introduction, can read this message & help me out w/my membership activation
    This (USER NAME) ID was the only available resource to contact U. as an representative from Nissan Murano org (forums)
    Best Regards
    PacoNissan 1992
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