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  • zebelkhan ·
    Hi Grip,

    Great to hear from you. I was very saddened for Homer for his loss. I still remember when he lost his daughter a few years back. I guess that is life and we can't do much with it. Sorry the spine problem is still bothering you. My health has been on and off. For the past year I have been fighting a nasty onset of Psoriasis which was quite debilitating. I just started using a new medication and it seems like it is helping so soon I hope I will be out of my shell again! So my advice to you is: enjoy life to the fullest! Hope you won't have to do the surgery but it is ok if you must. Take advantage of all the doctors who are around you. I am sure they will make sure you are well taken care of and help you regain total health. Again, good to hear from you. - Steve
    GripperDon ·
    Hello! Benn a while, Hope this finds you well, Sorry to hear about Homers Wife. How are you felling? Well I hope. Still fighting my Cervical spine stenosis, looks like surgery may be in the near future. Grip
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