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  1. 2015 Murano - Towing specs change

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    I can say I have pull the same U-HAUL at least 3 times with my 06 Murano moving my kid from that bachelors to masters (AL to KS), then again from Master to PHD (KS to MD) [crossing the smokey mountians] and another trip from MS to MO with stuff from my in-laws, and every time to the trailer was...
  2. 2015 Murano vs 2015 Lexus NX

    I looked at the NX at the local car show in January, but a little small, since it is just a gussied up RAV4. If I remember correctly when I priced out all the tech options like the MO platium, the NX was about $10K more.
  3. The 2015 Nissan Murano ranks 1 out of 12 Affordable Midsize SUVs.

    General Discussions
    Not sure if anyone posted this yet, and not really surprising from reading owners posting. Decisions... Decisions.... 2015 Nissan Murano Reviews, Pictures and Prices | U.S. News Best Cars I am looking at replacing my 2006, I really like the new one, but this weekend I looked at the 2015 Edge...
  4. Test Drive Email

    General Discussions
    Has any one gotten a simular email below in the image from Nissan One to One rewards? I got it around the 3rd of march, and when I went into to the dealership today (3/14), they said that had not see the program before. But for me to redeem I needed a dealer code, to which the dealership did...
  5. 3rd Gen LED Headlight Feedback from Current Owners

    General Discussions
    From the owners manual it looks like there is not a manual adjustment. It mentions an adjustment for the halogen units, but does not mention it for the LED. On my 2006, there is an aiming adjustment control on the left of the dash.
  6. Need suggestion for best route

    General Discussions
    So my MO has got up 102k at this point, and still running strong, but only drive it about once a week since I got my Sonata Hybrid. But I would like to keep the MO for many more years and don't want to tax the CVT toooooo much, because I have to pull a small U-Haul from STL to the DC area to...
  7. 2004 Nissan Muran pac aai-nis1 Issues

    Audio & Electronics
    A guess, may be try going through next "preset", then hit SAT button? Also try searching the site, I seem to remember this topic coming up before on non-bose radios.
  8. 2004 Nissan Muran pac aai-nis1 Issues

    Audio & Electronics
    For mine, I would hit the radio button, and the display will say "SR". Depending upon which port your connect, you may have to use "preset A|B|C" button, which to "B" then hit the radio button... This is assuming you have the same type of radio. Ignore circles, from another posting of mine...
  9. Problem filling gas tank

    try this I fill mine where the filler handle is in horizontal position. Ever since I started using this method I rarely, not always have the problem. And i have had the TSB, and it did nothing. Since I mostly use costco gas, I pull up to the pump on the right side with the rear window is...
  10. Murano Cabriolet Website

    General Discussions
    Yesterday I got an email newsletter and they had a link to the Murano Cabriolet website, starting at a mere $46,390 :eek: All-New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet | Nissan USA Official Site Now you can go reserve yours now, :rolleyes: and pick out your colors while your at it...
  11. Replacing the rear windshield wiper

    Here is two of my post showing how, and a little video on replacing the blade. Nissan Murano - Nissan Murano Forums - Search Results
  12. Presenting The Nissan Townpod Concept

    General Discussions
    It's funny but I did a survey from Nissan about 3 months ago because of my interest in the Leaf, and they ask bunches of questions of about this vehicle. Sounded like it would be cheaper than the Leaf with less frills.
  13. *** Site Upgrade ****

    General Discussions
    Two suggestion, One, run firefox with adblock plus, then the ad's are most, if not all, are gone bye-bye on most website. You can always enable the sites/pages if you want to see them. But I guess, I never go to the home page, my link/bookmark is to newposts, that is what counts... To each...
  14. Nitrogen in Tires-Can I replace with Air?

    Tires & Wheels
    The other day I had my tires replaced at Costco, and when I got home I had BRIGHT GREEN stem valve covers.... :eek: So when I took them back the next day to have the lug nuts checked. I asked them why they had pulled my steel caps and replaced them with UGLY caps and they reasoning was that...
  15. Steals & Deals

    General Off Topic
    5 Piece Auto Trim and Molding Tool Set Harbor Freight has this on sell for $3.99. Note I removed my coupon's bar code, I should be able to sign up and get one. Pretty handy to have around. 5 Piece Auto Trim and Molding Tool Set Item # 67021 * Easily remove trim, molding, door panels and...
  16. Picture fight

    General Off Topic
    So, there I was . . . just relaxing in front of the T.V. and then the kids yelled, 'Hey Dad, come see the kittens.'
  17. Searching

    Community Help
    Same here I tried last week to do a search on post I made to reference in a reply to a current posting the other day, and I got 12 pages of post, but there were no physical post display. See the attached image....
  18. Rear wiper blade replacement

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    More Information Well removing the blade assembly from the rear window is the ONLY way you can replace the blade. If you do, it should not take you more than 5 minutes. Here are the steps and I create a little video of remove the blade assembly off of the wiper arm once it is removed from the...
  19. Rear wiper blade replacement

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Rear Wiper blade. So I went to the users guide... and look what I found.... arrggg... So I just did a little more searching and found the "nut".... But it still does not really say how to remove the rear blade assembly, but I will try to document it after I have completed... Here were...
  20. Heard a good one?

    General Off Topic
    Men's Age as Determined by a Trip to Home Depot Men's Age as Determined by a Trip to Home Depot You are in the middle of some kind of project around the house - mowing the lawn, putting in a new fence, painting the living room, or whatever. You are hot and sweaty, covered in dirt or paint...
1-20 of 184 Results