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  1. Rear storage area

    General Discussions
    I am a sculptor I haul everything from full size oxy-acetylene tanks to steel and stone. The interior of the Murano is cavernous and I love it.
  2. Show us your pets

  3. Test Drove CX7

    I was driving an Acura TL before I developed the need to have a vehicle with more cargo space. When I found out both the new Acura and Mazda SUVs would have 4 cylinder engines I opted for the Murano and didn't look back. The interior space with the seats down is cavernous. I am an artist and...
  4. Trailer wiring question

    General Discussions
    But you guys get free medical care..........
  5. Trailer wiring question

    General Discussions
    Everything seems to fit right, but perhaps the relay/transformer is different. When I get some time I'l check with the dealer.........but I sure as hell won't pay him 200 bucks.......
  6. Trailer wiring question

    General Discussions
    The way it is set up there is only one way to wire the connectors. The only thing I did not do was dsiconnect the battery terminal, but that shouldn't matter, because I didn't plug the hot wire in until the installation was totally complete.
  7. Trailer wiring question

    General Discussions
    Thanks. I am not sure what you mean by "didn't swap left and right connectors" Could you please explain that?
  8. Trailer wiring question

    General Discussions
    What in god's name did they do for $225.00? Did they replace the harness?
  9. Trailer wiring question

    General Discussions
    I just installed the Murano factory trailer wiring harness on my '06 Murano. If one follows the directions, which I belive I did, I can't see how anything can foul up, but I am having a problem with power going to the taillights even when the ignition is off and the lights are in the off...
  10. Trailer hitch for '06 Murano

    I just purchased a new '06 Murano and am looking for an aftermarket trailer hitch. All of the hitches I find only go up to the '05 model. Does anyone know if the '05 hitches will fit the '06 frame?
1-10 of 10 Results