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  1. Transfer case poll

    This morning, I brought it back. I just want to hear what they come up with this time?! All the seals were replaced, so what's there to replace? a transfer case???
  2. Transfer case poll

    Final Update: After a week at the dealer, replaced: Both(front &rear) upper oil pan gaksets; Transfer Case seal and right side differential seal ( left diff. seal was replaced two weeks before) Power steering pressure hose?! Since MO isn't my primary car, today I took it for a spin: Steering...
  3. Transfer case poll

    An update: Car is at the dealership since 9:00a.m. I just received a call, "upper oil pan seal is leaking, gotta drop engine and CVT, seal is coming, will be ready Friday, the latest." Has anyone ever heard about "upper oil pan seal"? Or, they simply realized that wiping out transfer case does...
  4. Transfer case poll

    Well, I'm back. And I do feel like my dealer "had" me in more than one way:mad: The oil leak is back.... In the same location as above pictures. Service report dated 11/10/08, "Replaced left side diferential seal". The leak was between CVT & transfer case. Is that considered left differential...
  5. Transfer case poll

    Well, my MO is back after 5 hours repair: left axle seal was replaced, transmission fluid added, all covered under extended warranty. I looked underneath: looks dry so far , they did good job cleaning that oily mess. Anyway, forgive me my naive question but... is the left side a driver side? If...
  6. Transfer case poll

    Thanks Eric, I'm bringing car the first thing on Monday morning. Does this look like a transfer case issue? Or CVT is inolved as well? Once again, thanks.
  7. Transfer case poll

    Here I am @ 67K miles, still under extended warranty. I addressed my dealer a year ago regarding wet/oily transmission. "No worries it's just sweating", I was told...Anyway, today I looked underneath of Mo, and here is what I found: Question is, how do I make my dealer accept that there...
  8. OEM Brand new rear bumper cover!

    For sale Brand New OEM rear bumper cover. The bumper cover is professionally painted( two tone) to match my Black 04 Murano. This cover should fit all black MO's from 2003-2006. $200.00 local pickup in Northern New Jersey-15 minutes from Manhattan. If interested, please reply to...
  9. New Murano Owner - CVT/Transfer Case Leak (Pics)

    This is what my 04 @ 66K looks like :mad: I was changing oil and asked my dealer to look at all the wet spots: " No active leak was found":confused: I'm monitoring all oil levels-so far so good, but the wet oily stuff is coming back??? I'm planning on bringing MO to an independent shop...
  10. Manual (Car) vs. Manual (motorcycle)

    General Off Topic
    Well, there are some other ways:confused: You simply hold brake & gas pedals with right foot while letting clutch go. Moreover , foot is still on brakes and toe is giving some gas... Pretty much the same thing on a bike: up hill , you just hold the rear brake and giving it some RPMs and...
  11. hybrid in 2008

    General Discussions
    I don't either: The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. the high-class SUV ' Mullah no ' sets the hybrid car. The possibility that it throws to the American market around 2008 summer. The hybrid system which is loaded onto the Mullah no receives supply from the Toyota Motor Corporation, obtains cooperation...
  12. how to check CVT fluid level?

    Well, at 31k CVT oil was relpaced and level reads way too high. Even with cold engine it reads higher than Hot level. Is this a problem? BTW, after a visit to a delaer the CVT oil dipstik has become loose-plastic tab is gone. The O-ring holds dipstick in its place, however It can be easily...
  13. Mo won't run! Alternator?

    Well, same problem at 28k: AWD, VDC, and SES lights are on;engine runnig but won't move. After killing the engine a few times it did drive. SES(Service Engine Soon ) light is still on. Called Nissan, the first thing I was told-there is alternator recall for 03-05, and my VIN falls into the...
  14. Lets see your other rides

    Here is my updated toy: Honda VTX 1800 C, it's almost 110 CI. Talk about power/weight ratio ...106HP/705Lbs Dry. It's fast.... but V-rod is faster
  15. rear bumper

    General Discussions
    It's a cover. it shouldn't run more $215-$230 from any NIssan Dealer. To paint(two tone) $300. Labor to install $100-150 so the total comes $600. What color do you have? I have brand new rear bumper cover painted KH3(BLACK) for more than a year. I never installed it since I was able repiar my...
  16. Does anyone here ride?

    General Off Topic
    Very Nice I hope you don't mind me posting your ride here.
  17. Does anyone here ride?

    General Off Topic
    Here is an update: Buddy of mine made me sell my VTX1300C to him(he kept on begging for a few months) so I bought hm...VTX 1800C. Same color, a bit bigger :) Fuel Injected,Linked Brake System, Radial Tires, 97Hp/114Tourque and lot's of other goodies.
  18. What's your occupation?

    General Off Topic
    Hey, you are most welcome! What do you guys work with Siemens, Varian ? We are dumping old Varian machine, and we are supposedly getting a new one v-e-r-y s-o-o-n. We have total 5 units plus two diagnostic tubes. So rad. oncology keeps us busy:eek:
  19. extreme loss of power

    This whole thing sounds way too familiar... It Did take some time to get those parts, so be patient:( same problem
  20. Seat Belt Buckle is loose?!

    Is this the way it's supposed to be??? Where the heck is the finisher??? Why is the buckle loose??? Hey CripperDone, squeeze your hand between driver seat and console,then try passenger side. Feel the difference???
1-20 of 143 Results