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  1. Can we run Winter Tires on the rear and also...

    Tires & Wheels
    This idea is not only no, but oh, PLEASE, no. By running two different types of tires on a AWD like this, you will make the handling and the braking both unpredictable. It would be really easy for the vehicle to come unglued on a slippery surface and spin out or go off the road. Not a safe...
  2. Stripped alternator nuts

    I moved this post here. I'm glad to hear you have six-point sockets, as they're much less likely to round off a nut when it's tight. There is no photo, so I don't understand the " as you can see." Sometimes the solution is to add extensions to back away from a nut and get a better angle of...
  3. Dealership drove my car 1000+ miles

    Your experience
    The way I read your post, you don't have the car back and you're reading Carfax reports. You don't know yet that they have been driving it. If that's the case, I suggest you remain calm until you get to the car and see what's going on. If this is not the case, please clarify.
  4. 2004 Nissan Murano AWD

    I just responded to this post in the other thread. Likely to be a bad battery. Check that first, go from there.
  5. Murano Transfer Case Failure(s)

    AWD & VDC
    First, before you do anything, check the battery and replace as needed. These cars do exactly this kind of stuff when the battery gets weak. If nothing else, stick a charger on it overnight and see how it behaves with a full charge in it.
  6. Windshield and Window Glass Quality

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    I'm not aware that there are any differences in glass based on the model. Why not call a glass shop and see what they know? Or call a dealer?
  7. Window shatters driving down road

    This simply happens now and then. There are reports of sunroofs shattering, and less often, other glass breaking. It looks like this was the driver's side rear window, right ? (You didn't say, but it looks that way) BTW, those windows are tempered, and it's unusual for them to break without...
  8. Valve Cover replacement/oil burning

    I think the more accurate term is "oil consumption". If it's not going through the combustion chambers, you're not burning it. If you have enough oil leaking that it's wetting the intake manifold, then you may have a problem - which would be vastly preferable to actually burning oil. I'm not...
  9. New phone mount for '15 Murano

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    The Kenu Airframe is my favorite - mounts to any vents that are not recessed below the level of the dash. They make wider and narrower versions for different width phones...
  10. 2017 murano front end collision disables while driving

    This is just one problem, and any GM car could have a comparable problem. Please let us know what the solution is - it may help someone else.
  11. Convert 2015 Power LiftGate to Manual LiftGate

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    I suggest checking Curtesy Nissan Parts Online. Their diagrams are helpful and usually have part numbers. You may also need to work with a local dealer for parts numbers. Seems like it would be easier to replace the struts.
  12. Car top carrier

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    It shouldn't, but I would make absolutely sure that no rivets, zippers or other metallic objects ever touch the glass. It's tempered glass and any scratch or chip is enough to increase the chance that the glass may shatter. That sunroof gets stress from body flexing and they have been known to...
  13. Car top carrier

    3rd Gen (2015+)
    Any fabric car top carrier is going to abrade the paint due to the vibration of the vehicle and the action of wind on the carrier. How much it abrades it depends on how well it's secured, how long you drive it and the speeds at which it's driven.
  14. Tranmission

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    The CVT does not shift 1234. There are two reasons for this: 1) There are no shifts programmed into that transmission's ratios. 2) There are no gears, so there is no 1234. It might help to read the owner's manual. I don't recall what it has to say about the CVT but it should explain the...
  15. no power steering at low rpm after belt replacement.

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    You stated you had fluid, but just in case, I suggest double-checking the level. Low fluid might mean the engine has to gain speed before pressure pumps up. (Probably no help, but worth checking since it's free and easy.)
  16. Please let me know by courtesy where can i find oem code on my previous piece that i have mounted on the spiral clock where can i find code to buy an

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Normally the part number is cast into the part or otherwise visible on the part. Not always.
  17. Nissan Murano 2009 Rims/Tires

    New Member Introductions
    Please contact or Discount Tire online for information about this. They have the info on file.
  18. Tranmission

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    You would benefit from reading about how a CVT works. It appears that you bought a car with a type of transmission unfamiliar to you. There are no gears. As you accelerate onto a highway or freeway, if you put your foot down all the way you will feel nothing like "shifts." The RPM will climb...
  19. Convertible stuck half way!

    Always check fuses first. When something like this top stops working, ti's often due to a fuse blowing. After that, I'd suggest that your first stop is either a dealer or a really good convertible top place. Unfortunately dealers may not all be very familiar with this vehicle.
1-20 of 483 Results