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Silver Metal
EU Version
The car was owned by an older doctor -- he was extremely caring with the services; I know the history of the car, also have all papers from services and purchases; car has new transmission - not that the original died but the lack of knowledge of the CVT - never mind that, it is almost new now (was last January); also all lambada were changes, all door locks changed.....
2005 Nissan Murano (Silver Metal)


added new LPG laser sparks, added ODBII rewrite probe to give care better mileage, better response from the engine and some better RPM peaks; also care has completely automatic control LPG drive, with direct phase injection into the engine from Zavoli
completely changes all internal lights with LED ones - the illumination inside the care, not the stock yellow/orange (eg cluster etc.) lights
planning to change the main gauge cluster with stock 2006 or completely custom one (Russians have made one, dark white mono)
For now all stock, planning the front grille swap with some aftermarket one, if I get around to it with the money I will change front bumper entirely with some more aggressive one :) also planning to install some day LED lights into the fog light openings, change rear exhausts tips
Added sub-woofer tube, dual 100W RMS because the original was taken out due to upgrade to LPG and we needed the space from the spare tire, now the woofer is in the trunk...
also planning to change the stock radio (BOSE) because it reads CD very VERY poorly and I have no option to outfit it with external source (EU versions do not come with rear external CD port :\ )
also the plan is to install the tablet in the place of the LCD as it does not display ANY relevant info for me (again the EU version is pretty bad with this "upgrade")
Wheel and Tire
stock both, got two sets of tires when purchased so no plan yet to upgrade or change...



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