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  1. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Hello, Each week I spend about $55-$60 on gas. This price is also just for when I go to work and back home which is about 15-30 min away depending on traffic and maybe a bit of errands which are at places about 5-15 min away away from my house. It just feels like my car eats up gas really fast...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, About two weeks ago my 'check engine light soon' came on in my 2005 Nissan Murano. The gas light that blinks when you are running low was also on even when I had a full tank and I would also smell gas after driving for about an hour. I looked up the symptoms and came to the...
  3. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Good afternoon, need a little help. daughter had a minor fender bender. long story short, I need to change the radiator core support and I have tried two different ones that does not fit until I got smart and started taking my tape measure to measure before taking them off of the vehicles. The...
1-3 of 3 Results