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3rd gen
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  1. 3rd Gen (2015+)
    I've been looking around online and the only coilovers I can find are for the previous generation. I was wondering if there's a company that makes 3rd gen coilovers or if the 2nd generation ones will fit the 3rd generation.
  2. 3rd Gen (2015+)
    Anyone else have this issue? I just purchased my 2016 3rd Gen. And loving it,but why is there no digital speedometer in any of the settings? I've scrolled through absolutely everything (even researched online manual and owners manual to no avail) . I guess it's supposed to be in same place as...
  3. Tires & Wheels
    What model years have the 235/55/20 tires? Is it only the 2009 LE Murano? Or also the 3rd Gen Muranos? which trim kits---or all of them? Many thanks for your reply!
1-3 of 3 Results