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  1. 2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    2 years trying to figure this out. Mechanics, Forums, Google ect ect .. No luck ! Thought it was the CVT transmission. NOPE !! I ran the codes on a Reinke Dink 7.00 reader someone gave me and it read a P0151 and P0154. Researched Youtube. Lean Condition is the issue. So for the second time I...
  2. 2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Has anyone been idling for 10 min or more and had your traction control lights on the dash display come on? This has happened several times in the last 3 months. Usually I turn the car off and restart the traction control lights are off and I drive away. Today, instead of restarting, I put into...