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  1. 2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    I recently had my 2009 Murano in for service and was told the battery was at 38%. I did nothing as I needed the car back right away and it was starting perfect every day. Then one night a few weeks later while my son was at practice I tried to start it to run the heat and turn the overhead...
  2. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    The rear hatch on my 07 Murano S suddenly stopped working several months ago. I could crawl into the back and open the hatch manually but the switch simply didn't react when I tried to open it as I had for years prior (from the outside) . I pulled two used hatch mechanisms from the junkyard (off...
  3. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    had driver rear caliper changed...30 mins later... brake light and battery light came on.. may be a alternator issues...but i want to know if it can be another issue other than that before i get new alternator.. trouble shooting and going thru process of illumination
  4. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Just some background: -2006 Murano S -141,xxx miles - Battery less than a year old I encountered the issues in this order: 1. - Battery wouldn't charge - got alternator replaced 2. - Next day I was driving(at this point in time my exhaust manifold was cracked so the engine was running a bit...
  5. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Hey everyone, I need some HELP! My Nissan Murano won't start, it just clicks rapidly. I have tried replacing the start motor - still will not start I have tried charging the battery - still will not start I have tried jump starting the car - still will not start Any ideas on what I can try...
1-5 of 5 Results