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  1. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    My car (03) has been making this running noise, this is now 8 hours after turning it off! Please help, What is going on? Is my car still on?! 8hrs later!
  2. 2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Hi everyone! I recently bought an 09 Murano and haven’t had any issues until today. I was parked outside waiting for my sister, heat blowing (it’s -30 out). I decided to change it so the heat was blowing towards me. Suddenly it made this strange almost squeal type noise. So I changed it back...
  3. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    I have a 2006 Nissan Murano sl awd. I bought this car used and have had nothing but problems. My most recent of problems is the car destroying batteries and alternators. In the 2 years I have owned the car I have replaced 3 batteries and 3 alternators. 2 of both in the last 4 months. This is...
  4. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Bought January 2020 with 93k miles. Currently 97k miles.Owned it for a week and it starts sputtering. Codes were lean fuel and 5th cylinder misfire. I changed all the plugs, wires, gaskets etc. Been driving perfectly for 6 months. Then check engine light, car sputters, won't start. Problem was...
1-5 of 5 Results