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  1. central door lock with door button works, but not with the key

    General Discussions
    Hey there, I recently bought a 2006 nissan murano. When I press the door lock button, all the doors lock and unlock. But with both of my keys I cannot use the lock button, it does not work. I have already tried replacing both batteries. So I suppose the receiver or transmitter from both keys...
  2. Key Fob Not Working

    2nd Gen (2009 - 2014)
    Okay so, just bought an 09 Nissan Murano not even 2 months ago & my key fob is already acting up. Replaced the battery in it, still not working properly. Called my local Nissan dealership & they want to charge me almost $300 to buy a new fob & program it to my vehicle. Isn't there a way I can...