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  1. Problems
    I had an issue with my daughter's 2009 Nissan Murano 2wd. Her car was misfiring on Bank 1 cylinder 3 initially. I replaced the coil packs and spark plugs which seemed to resolve that, but after the job in about 100 miles of driving the SES would trigger. I needed to get it smogged, and the 02...
  2. 1st Gen (2003-2007)
    Recently bought an 05 Murano with 153k miles as a first car, love the car in theory but still have some problems to work out! Had a bit of work done involving a misfire, clogged exhaust, and a shift lock solenoid failure, but the computer is still throwing P1283, and has p04020 pending. It's...
  3. Problems
    I recently just replaced the O2 sensors that were showing up on the OBDII scanner and the light went away. I even replaced the intake hose because it had a hole in it I drive up to Hawthorne and come back to NYC and the moment I get off the highway to go get my inspection that I haven’t done...
1-3 of 3 Results