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white smoke

  1. New 2016 murano owner with 3 problems.

    Purchased 3 weeks ago. 3 specific problems. 1 white smoke at start up lots. PVC vaulve has been replaced still smoking. There is a tube that is not connected under the hood. It's directly left to a tube labeled: 90A1C. Has previously been taped but not well. Tried to speed up last week and it...
  2. 06 Nissan murano at startup it has a white smoke from tailpipe smells exhaust ,gas, sometimes a sweet smell

    1st Gen (2003-2007)
    I have a 06 nissan murano i just purchased when i bought the car from this individual i didnt notice the smoke it must of been warmed up but at a cold start the car sometimes not always has alot of smoke come out that appears white ,other times the car wont show any smoke at all . The car doesnt...