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I am hoping someone can help with an A/C problem I am having. The A/C stopped blowing cold air and based on research and trouble-shooting, I have determined the A/C clutch is not operating properly. I checked the fuse and it's good. I disconnected the power feed to the magnetic clutch coil and I am not reading any power to the connector to energize the coil. I checked the continuity of the wiring and it is good, so I want to check the A/C relay to see if it is bad. I cannot identify which relay on the IPDM is for the A/C. According to the FSM it notes the relay is built into the IPDM, so I am curious if this relay can even be replaced. The IPDM cover does not identify which relay is for the A/C clutch.

Can anyone provide details and identify the A/C relay on the attached IPDM so I can determine if that is the problem with the clutch coil not operating? Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.


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