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Hello all,

1st post, so be kind! :)

My mother in-laws 07 Murano had bad front hubs, so I changed them out. In the process, I broke off the passenger wheel speed sensor as seems common in these vehicles. I replaced the sensor, and finished the job out fine. The driver side went well and I had no issues with removing the sensor and putting it back in the new hub.

After I was complete the ABS light and AWD light have come on, and stayed on. I reset the computer, and let her drive it for a while. No luck, the lights stayed on.

I recently pulled both front wheels and pulled the sensors out, cleaned them off, and cleaned the passenger sensor connection under the hood. Reset the computer again. Now the lights are coming on every now and then. Sometimes they are on the whole time she is driving. Sometimes they are off, but come back on while driving.

She took it to the dealer, and they diagnosed it as an ABS Actuator issue. Code C1115. They quoted her $1500 to fix it.

At this point she does not want to spend the $1500 for it. What issues will she have driving it with the lights on? No ABS or traction control correct? I assume her AWD will still work? Or does it engage only electronically via the wheel speed sensors when a tire is spinning?

Thanks in advance.

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