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What do you think should be the best 10 modifications/additions for the MO?????

My list is:
1 – Bumper guards (especially if you leave in the big city and you need to do a parallel parking, also give more “man” look to the Mo)
2 – Sunroof wind deflector (help to keep sunroof open on the speed more than 30MPH, otherwise it is terribly noisy)
3 – Windows deflectors (only if you like the fresh air during the rain/snow)
4 – Pac unit (can not drive without my entire music collection)
5 – Any bra (clear, magnet or whatever to keep the stones off the hood and/or bumper)
6 – 22” reams (I am working on that)
7 - Replacement tires (see comments for # 6)
8 – Tinted front windows (I hate the sun)
9 – Navigator (Navman ICN 510 works great for me)
10 – Cargo area protector and the cover (keep it clean and private)

If you will go less or more than 10, that’s fine. Thanks

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Laser Grill
Tinted tails
Rocker Bars
Sound proofing
Upgrade amp
Floor Lights
NAV Video
No Nag
XM Sat
Chrome Wheels

Order not perfect. Limited to 10 :eek:

If more, see my list I love em all.

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My list is

6 –Sunroof wind deflector
7 - Rear bumper protector
9 - Nudge Bar
1 - Bluetooth hadsfree kit with voice recognition and LCD display
5 - Sound dampening
2 - iPod
3 - Air springs with cabin adjustment for towing and trail work
4 - Underbody protection for trail work (fire trails can be crap in Oz)
5 - Video mod for sat nav, DVD and rear camera
10 - Bright white lights for cabin and parking lights

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For me:

1- Carputer - to have Navigation, MP3, DVD, XM Radio, internet access
2- Rear View Camera - to show off! Not really useful for parking
3- Day Time Running Lights - for safety
4 -Blue tooth hands free cell phone
5- Side Moldings - to protect against dings
6- Nerf Bars - to take the girly look away!
7- TPMS - for safty
8- Tweeter cap mod - to enhance audio
9- Rear bumber protector
10- Cargo protector


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1) Cargo Area Protector
2) Bumper Protector
3) Aftermarket Grill
4) Sat Radio
5) Air Horns (just ordered, waiting for delivery)
6) Sunroof Wind Deflector
7) Nav (Garmin c320 for me)
8) Full-size Spare (working on that)
9) Backup Camera (looking for aftermarket options)
10) Decent hitch-mounted bike rack (SoftRide models work perfect on the MO)

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Not sure I can think of ten, but I'll focus on what can be done right now (as opposed to a wish list).

1) Colgan bra
2) PAC aux input
3) Rear bumper protector
4) Roof rails (the MO without them just looks odd)
5) Upgraded fog bulbs (for visibility, not looks)
6) Signal mirrors
7) Better windshield wipers
8) Full size spare
9) JWT pop charger
10) Nissan rubber floor mats

I have all of these except #6. I would prefer the type with the amber light on the front side (like Volvo or the GMC Envoy) rather than the distracting LED on the mirror surface (it makes it too bright to actually use the mirror).
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