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1519 miles.
Average speed 55 mph
Average MPG 21.8

93 octane.

Approx city miles 50
approx crusing speed +5 over speed limit - 70-75-80 MPH

Route from Ft Myers FL
North on I75 to Gainesville - US 301 & A1A to I95 at GA line - US 17 near Charleston SC to Myrtle Beach SC
and return.

Took my title just in case but the Murano was flawless. :D

The MPG is "satisfactory" but not impressive.
My Chrysler T&C LXI weighed more, had a larger engine (3.8L) and got 24.3 MPG on this same trip last year under identical conditions.

Two caveats.
1- The Murano is a stylists car.
It was not designed using a wind tunnel.
Therfore the CD is a very high .39
A brick has a CD of .40 (OK I'm kidding about the brick)

2- the car now has 4200 miles after the trip.
It may loosen up a bit from here. MPG "could" improve.

It is still satisfactory. I didn't buy the car to get great gas mileage, and I like the looks even if they are not efficient.

The CVT is Bull feathers.
I just don't believe it is more efficient.
I DO believe it costs Nissan less. That is their modus operandi.

Overall the car is growing on me.
Even the Squealing brakes went away...........temporarily?


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last year drove to Owensboro, KY. From Atlanta to Chattanooga, Nashville, Bowling Greens, Owensboro. Approximately 380 miles. Average speed - 67 mph. 24.5 mpg. I am happy.

I am also glad for you, hfelknor.;)

PS. FX35 - Atlanta - Birmingham, AL - 130 miles, average speed - 65 mph, mileage - disappointing 18.5 mpg.........:(
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