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2004 Nissan Murano 2nd Alternator Charging issues!

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Hello all,
New to the forums.
I have a 2004 Nissan Murano that just had the alternator replaced with a good product about 3 months ago. Fast forward, 2 weeks ago, I broke down on the side of the road in PA with the “BRAKE” and “Battery” light on, indicating an issue in the charging system again. I told this mechanic that it got towed to that the alternator was just done, and they insisted on replacing it anyway, im doubting they checked anything else. Fast forward 1 week later (yesterday) the car does the same thing with the brand new alternator. So today i finally got around to chasing some bad grounds, and so far from the battery everything checks out in range. Battery is at 12.6V when off. Starts around 14.4V after starting, then slowly drops by 0.01V. When fully loaded it just drops a bit faster then when it is not under load. My ac hasnt worked since the first alternator replace, and i noticed today the 10A fuse was blown. replaced it, and while load testing battery, put ac on, and clutch started spinning again (ice cold AC) for about 30 seconds, then it blew the fuze again. I am guessing there may be a short on the AC compressor side, but would this lead to a total drop in volts where the Battery & Brake indicator come on ? I am going to try and check for some more shorts in the AM, but does anybody have any feedback as to what could be going on here? To add, brand new battery installed from Costco about 1 month ago.
Thanks for any help you could provide.
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This is interesting.... Seems various owners experiencing similar issues with different causes. I started experiencing issues after changing the radiator neck on my 2010 z51 murano. Previous owners had water in the there so I drained the radiator n refilled with oil based coolant. But I realized every now n then I have had to top up with no visible leaking at all.....
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