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Ok, so I have looked at a lot of threads about the issues with the drivers window on 1st Gen Muranos but have not found any with my exact issue. When using auto up the window goes up 5 inches then back down. If I pull up on the window while using auto up until it gets passed that 5 inch mark and let go it continues another 6 inches then back down again....same exact 2 spots each time. While using manual up (pull up halfway on switch) it goes up 5 inches and roll back down and then I cant roll the window up or down unless I manually pull up on the window while not touching the switch ( I am able to pull it up about an inch). Once I do this I can either roll the window down with auto or manual or up with auto or manual but the the same thing happens at the second sticking point outlined above......If I use auto up it goes up another 6 inches then back down or manual up another 6 inches up then stops with no roll back I lift the window manually with my hands no switch again about an inch then using either function on the switch and I am able to get the window completely closed....I don't think this has anything to do with the limit switch.....must be either the motor or the regulator or both......can anyone help? P.S. Interesting note.....I have noticed that the drivers window gets very dirty quickly while the others stay fairly clean and I use all the windows almost equally but the drivers window only slightly more. I cleaned my drivers window inside and out 4 days ago and now its filthy again and the rest look clean and I didn't even bother to clean them when I cleaned the drivers window.
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