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2005 Transmission Problem

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I have had this issue for a very long time and technicians do not seem to know how to fix it.
At car’s coolest state, gear engages reverse but won’t engage drive. I have to let the engine steam up for about 20mins or just keep gently revving until it heats up, before gear engages drive. After driving around for about 20 to 30mins, gear won’t engage reverse any more until car cools down for another couple of minutes. What could be the problem?
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That's a new one on me, but I'll ask the obvious question:
  • How many miles on this Murano?
  • May we assume the CVT fluid level has been checked and confirmed correct? (If you've had anyone work on it, this should be the first thing they checked.)
  • Has the CVT fluid ever been changed?
  • If yes to #3, did they use the Nissan fluid?
No cold engagement is some times seal ring related, kind of counter intuitive since hot oil is thinner. There are a bunch of pressure test ports on these transmissions, if a tech knew what they were doing, that should get them closer to both problems.
Scan for CVT error codes. Many scanners can't retrieve Nissan CVT OBD2 error codes. I recommend the Android app CVTz50, it can read both engine and CVT error codes. Post any codes found here.

My 2005 is leaking oil like a lot I cleaned it all around the oil cylinder anywhere that might melt and run down towards where I think it's leaking oil from Andi turned it on went under a d it's leaking from where you put the oil cylinder but from the framelike if its crack I'm not sure what's it's called but I see its the filter.not screwed in right or gasket missing or needed
Please slow down and separate the issues, and write carefully. It's hard to understand what you are writing.

the oil is one thing. Any kind of frame crack is another, and more serious, problem.

If there is an oil leak from the oil filter gasket, change the filter carefully, clean the surface the gasket contacts, and refill with oil. then run it and check for leaks. If there's a leak from the oil pan gasket, that's a different problem but not a major job to fix.

If you think part of the frame is cracked, please post photos.

I will delete your duplicate thread about oil leaks.
If there is an oil leak from the oil filter gasket, change the filter carefully,
And ensure to check that the rubber ring of the old filter isn't left behind, else the new filter will not seat and seal properly and oil will leak badly.
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