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2006 Driver side door interior broken

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How the F!垄K do I fix the bottom belongings-holder part?! I seem to be stupider than previously thought cause no one seems to have ever had this problem馃檭 TIA!
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It would help to know what the panel looks like now to see what needs to be done. I loved those movable panels on my 2003, and only once did the holding hook pop out of the slot, so the panel opened more.

I can look later to be sure, but I think the bottom part of that panel snaps onto a receiving bar on the bottom of the door panel.
After looking at my 2003, it seems they're either made differently, or yours is missing the side housing on the lefthand side that the panel attaches to in three places. Judging from your picture, that entire plastic structure is missing, whereas the right side is intact.

On the bottom there is that plastic barrel pin that secures the very bottom and allows the panel to move back and forth.

Then there's the slot along the side middle that a stud slips into that has a spring pushing on it to keep it opened and closed.

Then on the top area it's more like a channel guide that the panel rides inside of to keep everything tight and aligned.

Sorry I can't provide any pics...
BTW, did you recently buy this car? Maybe that compartment panel was broken and the previous owner rigged the panel to at least stay closed. I'm very confident that the two holes you see on the lefthand side within that recessed area exist to allow that plastic side structure to clip in that then allows the left side of the panel to be secured to. Without it, you're out of luck unless you just super glue the panel back in place.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts