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2013 Nissan Murano, 63,800 miles,

AC just stopped working:

Inside cabin visual check and under the hood visual check, no visible issues

Climate controls working as expected (blower motor at settings, dual climate controls working, all lights working, settings working as expected)

Tests: Checked fuses (10 Amp under hood, driver side, fuse okay),

Checked compressor clutch with engine running and A/C button in the On position (Compressor clutch not engaging with AC button pressed to On position),

Fans off with A/C button in the Off position,

Fans turn on with AC button in the On position,

No visible leaks, no water in the cabin, engine operating at temperature,

Low side test, gauge needle in the red but will not take charge (Auto Zone 134a).

Checked wires for damage or loose, or connector off at the compressor, no problem.

So, what are my testing/assessment options for a fix?

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I see the compressor's not engaging, so that's your problem. Question is why. Either the clutch is bad (it has happened) or there's no signal going to it.

I'd be tempted to jump 12V to the clutch and see if it engages. Does anyone know if this would create problems??
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