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long read ahead, I'm sorry.

I purchased a 2017.5 Nissan Murano a couple months back from a local dealership (not a Nissan dealership, I believe this is just one they had traded in). Found this gem purely by luck as it was a single owner vehicle with a CLEAN CarFax report and only 16,500-ish miles on it. It also has the "champagne" interior that they no longer put in their vehicles, to my understanding. I believe the previous owner must have been an older person due to the low miles and because the inside looked as though it hard barely been touched. About 2 weeks ago, I started having issues with my radio deciding to only work intermittently. Sometimes I get in it, and the radio works perfectly fine with no issues. But other times, I will start the car and the Nissan logo will appear, followed by the "Nissan Connect" logo. And then nothing. The screen will go black. It will repeat this 4 or 5 times before it will just completely stop trying to come on.(This also takes out my compass on the dash). The kicker, is that the vehicle's warranty went out back in November. And I declined the extended warranty. I took it to the dealership that I purchased it from but they decided they problem was too big for them to figure out and they sent me down the road to the Nissan dealership. Nissan dealership tells me I need a whole new radio (a whopping $2200 part!). Mind you, my car is only at 20,500 miles at this point. Someone mentioned maybe trying an aftermarket radio but I spoke to a local guy who installs radios and speakers and such, and he told me that he didn't think that an aftermarket radio would be compatible with all the features offered by my car (mainly, that it wouldn't be compatible with all 4 cameras on my car). He suggested that it might not even be the whole radio that is the issue and he would hate to put that much money into a new radio and that not even be the problem (so now that is a concern nibbling in the back of my mind).

This car was my first "big girl" purchase, as I had only owned vehicles in the past that had been very used and I am determined to take very good care of this car and make it last.

So, I'm coming to you guys asking for any sort of advice you may have on what you would do in this particular situation.
I feel like I have 3 options here:
  • let the dealership put in a new from Nissan radio
  • order a used stock radio online (~ $200-300)
  • order an aftermarket radio and hope all my features still work

My gut honestly tells me that I don't need a whole new radio but I also don't know very much about electrical systems in these vehicles. I'm just looking for someone who has had similar experience or who knows more than I do about these types of things that might be able to steer me in the right direction.
*same here, my touch display will blank out during the summer when the car is at it's hottest and sometimes the bluetooth won't work. i have to restart the whole vehicle to correct the errors. this appears to be a "display" issue and hopefully not a "controller"=(processes all radio, satellite,camera feeds) issue which is located behind the passenger glove box.😕
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