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I can verify this works i installed 25915-9UE1A model into my 2015 platinum, takes about 30-45 minutes if you google radio install for our murano's you will find kit installs which tell you what you need to take off, i would say just be patient when your pulling the dash apart as stuff feels like it may brake but it comes out i also suggest plastic pry tools for interiors they were a huge help, once swapped i had both android auto and carplay I got one off ebay for 150$ you can get them thru the online junk yard websites but they run 6-800$ my best advice is keep your eye on ebay and look for that exact model number i believe there is now a 25915-9UE1b updated model as well thats out of the 18's, i will say having carplay in the factory radio is very nice.
Can you tell me the part number on the memory card? Thanks
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