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I ordered an '18 Murano radio with Android Auto from a recycler, but was sent the model for a non-Bose system. The Bose system had a non-amplified audio unit, while all the other head units utilize a built in amp to drive the speakers.

My setup is with the Bose amplifier, so I had to switch the logic boards from one radio to the other so that I'd end up with AA.

I'm now selling the one that was sent, with my logic board with Apple Play. The screen has a slight oval scratch. The map card is tied to the logic board and is version 11, just updated last August.

This is for any 2015 + Murano without the Bose amplifier. Supports AM/FM/SXM/AUX/BT & 360 view cameras.





Part number is now meaningless because I've changed the logic board.


Price is $250 & shipping. I'll let the buyer choose the shipper cheapest for them.

Thanks for looking.

Have a good day.
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