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Hello all,

I recently purchased a 2018 Murano Platinum in Fall 2020, and so far I like it a lot; rock solid vehicle, comfy, and reliable. My only complaint is I came from a Ford with Sync 3 and the 2018's older version of NissanConnect sucks... CarPlay does not integrate well (constantly cuts out SXM when CarPlay launches) and my Waze app crashes randomly when in use.

Two weeks ago I was on a work trip and got a 2020 Rogue SL as my rental from Enterprise. It definitely has an updated version of Nissan's software compared to my Murano. The settings said the Rogue was running Version 8010. In the two, four hour highway trips and the shorter trips from the hotel to my business stops in town, this newer update of NissanConnect never failed me once. When I got home and drove from the airport, Waze crashed in my Murano.

Ford always made it super simple to update their Sync 3 system, and CyanLabs even has an "unofficial" update for Sync 3.4 that I did on mine when I had it. Wondering if there's any way I can get the dealer to do a software update (I'm still under warranty for a few more months) or if I can get my hands on an image of the newer software to load on a SD Card or USB and update my Murano. I'm in the IT field so I'm not afraid to tinker with it to get things to update.

Thanks again and look forward to hearing your input.
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