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A few weeks after buying this 2021, the audio began randomly skipping or hiccuping. Sometimes it seemed to be affected by bumps in the road, and other times it appeared to be caused my using steering wheel buttons, or powering the windows up/down or braking, etc. I tried different USB sticks with no success.

About two months ago, I was placing more things in the hatch compartments and noticed the amp was spinning loose within the spare tire carrier, and I noticed a pigtail connector was flopping around. I tightened the center hold-down for the amp until it could no longer spin easily, and I taped the pigtail tightly against the main wire housing to prevent movement. Since that time, I've had no skipping of audio from the same USB flashdrive that I originally started off with.

Maybe just coincidence? I'd say if you're having problems with crackling or skipping or hiccups, maybe look at the amp and that loose pigtail. Could be a simple fix.
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