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Just got back from a marvelous vacation. Drove the MO to a far off foreign land(Victoria BC)
THE MO: Almost 2400 miles with absolutely no car problems! Mileage was 20.7 mpg for the trip average. Included freeway speeds up to 80mph and several hundred town miles. GRIPES: only nids really. The Bose radio is very good (remember I'm old and deaf as a rock). Used my nomad and an FM modulator, sounded ok ( sometimes being old and deaf is a plus) Only saw 5 MOs on entire trip!
Final note-- Washington state-- almost everyone maintains the speed limit and stays to the right except to pass. Wonder if the Trooper every 20 miles or so with a radar gun was a factor?

VICTORIA is a wonderful place to vacation and MURANO is a wonderful road car!
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