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Been using a visor-based magnetic holder for a couple of months with no issues. I used heavy duty double-sided tape to hold the magnet it place. The mirror door never suddenly opens when the phone is affixed and the visor is pushed all the way forward. Of course, I wouldn't have my phone there with the side window opened and the visor positioned alongside the door. I was going to drill a small hole through the mirror door and secure the magnet with a tiny screw, but chose not to.

The CD slot phone holder has worked great for the past few weeks. I had been using the original holder on the driver-side corner vent for about six months, but the holder always pulled off with the phone, and the looseness of the vent louvers made trying to adjust the phone angle impossible. So, similar to what I did with my laptop holder, I modified the small vent holder by removing the plastic backing, using a hacksaw to remove some of the plastic around the tip (to expose the metal) because with the plastic in place it was too thick to insert into the CD slot, then I removed the spring-loaded catch and used some electrical tape to provide some grab and scratch protection.

Cellphone holder behind steering wheel...

Laptop holder using CD slot...


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