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Recently I had to change out the Active Grille Shutter on my wife’s 2015 Nissan Murano. Replacing the shutter is not that big of a deal, getting to it is. To access the shutter, the bumper cover must be removed. That can appear to be a daunting task but the reality of it is that it is not that bad. In a search for how to, I was amazed at the very limited amount of information out there regarding the 3rd gen Murano. Lots of stuff on the second but very little on the 3rd gen. As I found no on line instruction, I was directed to the Service manual by one of our kind members.

It can be downloaded here:

You’ll find the bumper cover removal and the Active Grille Shutter removal in EXT (Exterior) of the service manual. I printed off and studied the following:
EXT-25 Front Bumper Fascia
EXT-30 Front Grille
Ext -36 Fender Protector
EXT 38 Front Fender

Follow the direction of service manual in the order of removal specified. Be advised, it jumps around and that is why I printed the above pages. Lots of panel clips, a few screws and bolts. Recommend you tag and bag all the hardware. Manual does not specify where some hardware goes. There are three different panel clips each of different thicknesses and lengths. You’ll waste time trying to figure out what goes where if you don’t ID them.

Recommend you acquire some Push Pin Pliers. Got mine at Harbor Freight: Push Pin Pliers

I wished I’d taken some better pictures for this job, but again, if you follow the service manual and use some common sense, it’s pretty straight forward. One thing, do not remove the front over fender beyond the yellow pin clip. You will regret it! I spent a lot of wasted time utilizing many colorful metaphors trying to put that back on. See photo with yellow pin clip.

Removal of the Active Grille Shutter was straight forward. Despite removing the negative battery cable, I still had a CEL on after replacement but a good 10 plus mile drive at 60 MPH reset the computer. Hope this helps.


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Wow, great info. I also learned something I didn't know they made those pliers!

I sure have spent my share of time cursing those push pins. Once they get dirt and grit in them, they never seem to work again.
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