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kullenberg said:
:?: Does any one have any knowledge of what the 4wd system is in the Murano? All Nissan's releases say is that a new system is installed as an option.! :evil:
These are 2 Canadian publications, which would explain the use of km/h.

From Mississauga News Review of Nissan Murano

In the 'Auto' mode it routes power where needed from 100 per cent front/0 per cent rear up to 50/50. In unstable conditions, the transfer case can be locked into 50/50. In the 'Lock' mode and at 50/50, the system switches back to Auto above 30 kmh, but returns back to Lock if speed drops below 30 kmh.
From Winnipeg Free Press Review of Nissan Murano

The Nissan system is actually an automatically-engaging part-time four-wheel drive. The car is front-wheel drive until wheel slippage at the fronts exceeds a pre-set threshold, upon which a series of clutch packs engages variably to transfer up to 50 per cent of the torque to the rear wheels. Alternatively, you can push a button at any speed below 30 km-h to lock the clutch packs, creating a forced 50/50 front-rear split.

Our engineering guru Gerry Malloy, refers to this type of system as "too-late" four-wheel drive, because by the time the system knows you're in trouble, it's "too late" to do anything meaningful about it.
If you read the reviews, the Mississauga News writer makes mention of
One of our more esteemed Canadian writers drove the Murano out on the beach in front of the hotel and promptly went down to the axles in soft sand. I guess he never watched the Paris-Dakar Rally where even specially-built $200,000-plus sand runners are useless in soft sand.
And then, read the Winnipeg Free Press that makes mention of
You see, we were staying at the lovely new Bacara Resort, north of Santa Barbara, on a beautiful stretch of beach. You've got a vehicle that seems perfectly designed to handle some luxurious resort beach-type driving, so the helpful staff there allowed me to take the car onto the sand at sunrise for some photographs.

Sunrise! Me!

I tried to position it to take the perfect pic - just a wee bit farther back ..... Oops. Those front wheels spun, the car went about 10 cm straight down into the soft sand, and it wasn't going anywhere else. Flick the lock-up switch. No difference.

I wasn't exactly sure where the torque was going. The engine was revving about 3000 rpm, but no wheels were spinning. I guess it was being eaten up by the CVT - something which, for wear-and-tear reasons, I didn't want to do for long.

A John Deere "Gator" came out to help - and promptly got stuck too. I guess this sand was just too soft.

Anyway, a tow truck was necessary to extract the vehicle.
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