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870 Miles - Service Engine Soon Light

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I am the proud owner of a Silver SL model Murano. Very happy with it so far, however my wife and I went to dinner tonight and noticed the "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" light was on and not going off. Read the manual and it said that a loose gas cap can sometime cause this problem. I had heard about this cause such a problem before and attempted the fix. No luck, engine light still on. Any ideas?!?!? I will drive it tomorrow and see if goes away. I plan on taking it to the dealer though. 3 year 36000 miles. That is what its there for...

Dax Mascarenas
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The service engine light doesn't just come on because of the gas cap not being on tight. My service engine light had come on as well and I had it checked at the dealership. I no longer remember the error that tripped the light, but the dealer said that as long as it's a one time thing, it shouldn't be a problem and they reset the light.

Since then, it hasn't come on again. Considering you don't know what tripped the light, you're better off having it looked at sooner rather than later.
I've heard of the loose gas cap causing an error, on There's been some discussion as to if it will go away and how many trips it takes before the system resets the trouble message, or if you have to get the dealer to do it.

Don't remember if there was a conclusion to the discussion....
Fuel cap and engine light

If you "top off" fuel tank OR do not properly secure the gas cap, you WILL get the "check engine light." Most computer chip setups on vehicles these days have them. Any 21st century mechanic knows this.
Sunlit, I'm a little confused. No one is disputing the fact that a loose gas cap will cause the "Service Engine Soon" light to come on. Any 21st century mechanic probably does know this and that will probably be the first thing he tells you to check. daxxenos already knows that the gas cap can cause this error as well. My point was that it is not the only thing that can cause this warning light to come on and if he has already checked the gas cap and it's on, then he should have the dealership look at it. As I recall, the error that turned my light on was a transmission error. The computer had only received the error once and after the light was reset, it hasn't come on again.
Taylorham, sorry if I came off too strong

Actually, I was voicing an opinion, only and thought it was productive rather than counterproductive. Sorry if it was taken in a heavyhanded manner...I really do enjoy the Murano and hope that all of us have positive experiences with the vehicle.

service light on!

Hello, I have just found this forum. I am also the very proud owner of a Glacier Pearl SL 2wd. I picked up the car a week ago Wednesday night. After driving it happily for a few days this past Sunday afternoon on my way to show the car off to my parents the service engine soon light came on. Concerned, I took the car to the dealer I bought it from on Monday and since I got there after 4 p.m. and the service staff was about to leave I had to leave my baby overnight. When I talked to the service manager the next day I was informed that the code that came up on their computer was something that they had not seen before and therefore he called the Nissan engineers. They hold to him not to touch the car that they would come to take a look at it themselves. So they kept my baby for another day. Finally they called me on Wednesday afternoon to come and pick it up. The service manager said that they could not find anything mechanically wrong and that the engineers had to reprogram the "chip". When I picked it up that night the service order states "misce. found code #P0456 in ECM, factory engineer from nissan reprogram ECM". I thought that I would post this information here for future reference. The car seems fine to me, it drives just as well as it did before. I wonder if anybody else has had this problem and whether I should be concerned?

Sorry for the long post,

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Re: service light on!

mcastlejr said:
The service manager said that they could not find anything mechanically wrong and that the engineers had to reprogram the "chip". When I picked it up that night the service order states "misce. found code #P0456 in ECM, factory engineer from nissan reprogram ECM".
At about 1,000 miles, the "Service Engine Soon" light activated on my SL AWD. After 3 days, I took a copy of the above message to my Nissan dealer. The service rep said that reprogramming the ECM "was a common fix for a lot of things" (???)

In any case, he said that for new vehicles the warning indicator was usually the result of over-filling the gas tank or not tightening the gas cap. After a few days or a few restarts, the light is likely to reset. Since I didn't want to give up my care for a day, I asked for the next available "while you wait" service appointment (scheduled for next Friday). Sure enough, the light went out on its own this afternoon. I will keep the appointment for the time being and see what happens at the next fill-up.

My wife's SL AWD with about 3000 miles on it just had the check engine
light come on tonight. I plugged my scan tool in and pulled code P0456 (very small leak in the evap system). I also have an electronic version of the
factory service manual and looked at the system components and diagnostic procedures involved. My wife wouldn't let me clear the code because as she says "I paid 35 grand and I want Nissan to fix it!" I checked the gas cap and removed it and heard air rushing in confirming that the system was leak tight. I think the factory ECU settings are too sensitive and that's why they are reprogramming some of the early build vehicles. I'll let you know what happens after she takes the car in Friday.

By the way, I'm a service departments worst nightmare, a mechanical engineer and a serious car nut and mechanic! :D
Re: service light on!

This seems like a common trend. My Service light came on after 2600 miles. I took it in and waited for an hour, they told me it was a vacuum leak and that they had to order the part to fix it. It's been over a week and they still haven't called to tell me the part is in. They reset the light and the vechile runs fine, I just find it surprising that so many others have experienced the same problem and they don't carry the part.
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