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Hi everyone.

Yesterday I was making some repairs on the Murano SE (04) and accidentally I moved the gear cable so when I tried to move it, reverse was on "P" position, neutral was on "R" and neutral on "D". So, I was moving and moving on the gears, trying to make it match, and suddenly on the instruments panel it showed me an "L". (Surprise! o_O) my gear selector does not have any "L" position, instead it has "M" (and it works great).

I downloaded the service manual and it shows "D, S and L". I guess the S is a sport mode.

I was looking on other posts and it looks that your Murano does have this configuration.

So, my question is, do you know where can I find a gear shift selector that engages the "S" mode? But also with the "M"?

Or it engages the S when using it on manual?

At the end, I fixed the cable that was moved and now works great again. But... I have that doubts.

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